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The Most Boring Post Ever Written

Warning: Boring Post AHEAD!  

Do not read unless you are seated comfortably in a place where you can safely fall asleep.

I have been gone from the blogosphere for many moons now- with good reason which, Lord willing, I will tell more about in a future post.  For now, I just want to take care of some OPA business and share what the boys are studying this year.

Yes, I used present progressive in that sentence.  School started last week at OPA, and they ARE currently studying.

(Ugh, she's talking grammar.  This IS a boring blog....) 

Hey, I warned you.

Also, for the sake of time, I am not going to include any pictures,

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no links,

(Are you kidding me!?!?)

and no Amazon picture-linky-things. 

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What can I say?  I have a lot going on right now.  Maybe this will help you understand....

13 years old (almost) and in 8th grade

Bible:  He will read the Bible daily (2 OT chapters and 1 NT chapter) and complete his memorization of the Shorter Catechism.  That may not seem like much, but I am only detailing what is officially part of the school day.  His church studies, our family worship and additional readings (not school-specific) will bulk up this most-important study.

Literature:  Excellence in Literature, Year One.  I realized through two years of Omnibus study that before a child can rightfully tackle literary analysis, he needs to be shown how TO DO said analysis.  It does not happen via osmosis.  EiL provides that instruction.  It is developed as an independent study, but I will be guiding Orville through it because I am folding in a few other resources and activities.  Developing his analytical abilities is a top priority this school year.

Composition: The Elegant Essay (IEW)  He has taken to IEW like a duck to water

(There she goes... talking about birds.  She does that A LOT!)

and is starting to write like a pro.  Through this course, I hope to refine and expand his abilities and prepare him for a lot of writing during his high school years.  Also, I am teaching this as a course for other homeschoolers, and he has 3 wonderful classmates.  We had our first class meeting this week.  I LOVE that he will benefit from a positive social environment as an added bonus.

Grammar:  Analytical Grammar (for high school) O finished the 8th grade DGP book last year.  We have always loved Daily Grammar Practice (DGP) and plan to start the 9th grade book later this year or next year when he finishes AG.  I like AG's approach to teaching all the components of diagramming.  He was picking up all the grammar rules through DGP's "a little at a time" approach, but I needed something to prep him for more difficult diagramming because I have forgotten some of the more complicated structures and need a refresher myself.

Speech:  The essay class will wrap up at Christmas break, and I will teach the same group speech in the spring.  I am currently watching IEW's Speech Boot Camp and intend to use their program as a spine for this course.  Because I was a competitive orator and had a speech published many years ago, I plan to borrow from my experience and fold in those activities which were most helpful to me.

(Oh no, she's braggy, too.  Competitive orator... published speech... blah, blah, blah....)

Math:  Videotext Algebra  He completed Module A last spring and will complete Modules B-D this year for Algebra I credit.  The visual nature of this program works well for him; however, I am having to watch and relearn something I haven't studied in 25 years in order to be ready to help when needed.

(Wow! How old IS she?!?)

Science:  He is taking a PAID CLASS!!!!  Ah, sweet relief.  Science is hereby out of my hands for the remainder of his and his brother's education.

History/Geography:  Notgrass Georgia Studies.  Simple.  Fun.  A reason to take a bunch of field trips.  Need I say more?

Foreign Language:  He will complete two courses in this area: Span II with Michael (his dad and my husband!) as his teacher and Japanese I through the Virtual Homeschool Group.

(Hey! She said she wasn't going to do any linkies!!)

Okay, you got me.  I put in one link after all.  Well, I have to give credit where credit is due.  This group is comprised of excellent instructors who teach classes online for FREE!  His Japanese teacher was born and raised in Japan.  I cannot wait to see what happens in these two classes!  God has truly blessed us in this area!!  Thanks, Dad!  Thank you, VHG!

Extra-curricular:  He will study piano and logic as "extras" this year.  You can read more about what we will use for logic in Wilbur's studies.

Speaking of whom....

11 years old (turning 12 soon) and in 6th grade

Bible: Same as Orville.

(That's unoriginal.)

Reading/Literature:  During the 1st semester he will finish Rod and Staff's Pathway Reader, Level 6.  I intend to use IEW's newest publication, Following Narnia, as a literature study in the spring.  Yes, it focuses on writing, but I intend to use the writing assignments to gauge his mastery of the lit content and to do some basic lit analysis work with him.

Composition:  IEW's Rockets, Radar & Robotics:  I am also teaching this to a class of 8 middle schoolers.  We started last week, and so far, Wilbur is as happy as a lark.

(There she goes about birds again!)

He gets to sit between two of his best buds while another is directly across the table from him.  And he gets to talk about things like photovoltaic layers.  And electrons.  And other stuff that goes way over my head.  But the boys all think it is cool and they can write about it, so....

Grammar:  DGP- I plan to take him through the 8th grade book, just like I have done with Orville.  Then we'll switch over to AG for a year or two and then back to DGP to finish out high school.  He is in the 6th book right now and may start the 7th before the end of the year.

Word Study:  AAS, levels 6 and 7-  It's my favorite curriculum ever.  Just poke around this blog for a little while and you'll find out why.

(She really does like AAS.  She talks about it ALL the TIME!  When she's not talking about birds, that is.)

Singapore Math:  He should finish the primary levels this year.

(What is it with these people and Asia!?)

Science:  He's taking the same paid class his brother is taking!!!!!!

If you are new to this blog, you must know that I LOATHE TEACHING SCIENCE!  Removing science from my plate is making me the happiest mother around.

History/Geography:  He is completing Notgrass Georgia Studies with Orville.  We're also playing GA Bingo and a Jeopardy game I created.  At the end of each unit and after each field trip they will create a page for a GA scrapbook.

CHECK OUT THIS SITE THAT ALLOWS YOU TO PRINT WALL-SIZED OUTLINE MAPS FOR FREE!  I printed and assembled a 4x4 of GA, and we are drawing pictures of things we learn and are labeling places we visit on the big map.  VSL loves it!

(Wait a minute... she just did another link.  Maybe she's not THAT boring, but she SURE IS forgetful!)

Foreign Language:  Middle school Spanish, taught by Michael!  Wilbur had so much fun in this class last year because his dad is one funny man and great teacher!!

(There she goes bragging again....)

Yes, I'm biased, but I just can't help myself.  I love that Spanish teacher!!

Extra-curricular:  Wilbur will complete Art of Argument with Orville and is taking art lessons at a local studio 2 times per month.

Also, for those of you who read regularly and had the stamina to make it to the end of this post, vision therapy has worked wonders for Wilbur!  He still has a little work to do this year, but the improvement is amazing!  We praise God for blessing him through this trial and answering our prayers so positively.  What a wonderful mercy!

And remember, all plans listed on this blog assume "Lord willing."

Well, I don't know when I will be back to this bloggy place again.  In the meantime, have a blessed school year and feel free to read through my older posts.  They're WAY more interesting than this one and won't put you to sleep.  I promise!

(I don't know about that!  I think I'll go read The Pioneer Woman instead.)


Disclaimer:  I don't really talk to myself.  I just thought I would try to make a boring post a little livelier without having to get out the camera or search for links.

(She really talks to herself.  Go!  Read Pioneer Woman instead!  Run!  Now!!)

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