Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Back Burner

I haven't had much time for blogging lately and feel like I must take a short break from it.

I have posted before that I planned to take a break from blogging, and then, almost instantly, new material presented itself.  This summer for instance....  I intended not to post anything during June and most of July.  Then my dh had the brilliant idea of turning our vacation photos into the Summer School segments.  I dedicated one day to getting all those posts put together and scheduled to publish.  The blog ended up running on auto-pilot all summer while I went about other things.

But now my camera is dead, and my brain is fried.  I hesitate to say "I'm taking a break" because I just know the minute I click "publish" on that statement the synapses will start firing again and then I'll feel like I have no choice but to make the time to write so my brain won't explode from all the ideas bouncing around. 

So instead, I will say that I know the Lord has placed this blog on the back burner for a season and the obedient thing to do is step away for a little while.

Firing synapses and bouncing ideas will just have to get over it.

Here's why....

I have started tutoring Korean children again, and God is blessing it in such a way that I am having to turn away students.  Which I don't want to do, so Michael and I are re-evaluating our priorities, inlcuding where this blog fits into God's plan for our family.  Do I need to make more time for teaching?  Could reducing my blog time make that needed time?  We're not sure and are praying.

My term as hsa president is in full bloom, too.  Lots of emails.  Lots of phone calls.  It's not just the events to plan and the meetings to lead, but the ladies who want my help.  The Lord has opened the door for me to serve our community and our fellow homeschoolers, and it is my privilege to work as unto the Lord each time the phone rings or the inbox fills.  I love these women and I love serving the Lord in this way.

Another consideration is that Olive Plants Academy is changing shape.  My kids are growing up, and the way they are learning is changing with it.  I feel like we have found our groove this year, and even though there are obstacles and headaches, they just don't seem to be disrupting the flow of things.  Maybe I'm growing up alongside my boys....   Whatever the case, each day seems a lot like the one before it, and I have less to write about this year.  Or, perhaps, there's something new to write about, and I haven't quite figured out what that "something" is.

My mom will have surgery Friday, too.  For those of you who don't know the story, a torn meniscus and ligaments in her right knee need repairing.  Her left leg is paralyzed, so this surgery is going to render her immobile for at least a few days, if not longer.  I will spend next week at her house.  I will have to be her legs and am praying for the strength to serve her well.  I appreciate your prayers for her and me as she recovers.

So, it really will be a couple of weeks before you will see me around the blogosphere again.  When I return, I plan to share the devotion I am preparing for the first hsa mom's meeting.  In fact, the one plan I do have for this blog is to share with you the resources, devotions, talks, etc. that are presented at each monthly meeting.  I want to invite you to be a part of our group, even if you don't live in my neck of the woods.

I will miss you and see you soon....



Kathleen said...

We'll miss you, too, Dawn! Just an idea--you could schedule a weekly "post from the archives" or something like that, just to keep your foot in the door until you decide what the future of OP is. I know I'd love to read more of your oldie-goodies...

Blessings as you seek God's will for the near future, and as you care for your momma. I know about momma-tending, and it is encouraging and exhausting at the same time. I'll be praying for you.


Kellie said...

What we really need are secretaries! I have a million potential posts clogging up my brain, but no time to write. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could just do the creative part and let someone else do the hard part? : )

Seriously, I'll be praying for you and your mom and for God's guidance for how best to spend your time. I love Kathleen's idea of using archived posts.