Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday, October 10, 2011

Review: NOVICA and NOVICA Live!

With the holidays approaching, it is time to start making a list and checking it twice.  I know where I plan to do some of my shopping:

The Andes*

Bali and Java*


Central America*




West Africa!*
No, I am not going to trek the globe.  Instead, I can purchase quality, hand-crafted jewelry and accessories, apparel, cufflinks,  men's accessories, ceramics, paintings and SO MUCH MORE from the world's best artisans via NOVICA!

Recently, NOVICA gave me $100 to spend at their site in exchange for this review.  I was impressed from the get-go.  Actually, when I arrived at their website, I was like a kid in a candy store.  I thought I would never decide how to spend my money because everything is so unique and beautiful.  And the $100 afforded me many choices because the prices are so reasonable.

Finally, the work of Nestor Yana, an artisan of the Andes, caught my eye, and I bought one of his alpaca wool ponchos.  Here is the description, from the NOVICA website, of his "Warm Earth" poncho:

A vision of elegance and cozy warmth, this cloak is imbued with Peruvian chic. Nestor Yana designs this piece based upon the traditional cloak of the Andean highlands. The cloak features a delicate floral border crocheted by hand. A matching scarf is sewn to the cloak, which fastens with four ornate buttons.

I love the feminine details.

It is so soft, warm...

...and comfortable.
Not only do I LOVE my poncho, but my overall experience with NOVICA rated high as well.  Shopping at their site was a breeze.  Shipping charges were reasonable, and I received my poncho quickly.  It even came gift-wrapped, for no extra charge, in packaging that made me feel as if I had received a gift from my best Peruvian friend.

Shopping with NOVICA is more than a pleasure...
it's a cultural experience!**
Would you like to shop the world, too?  Click on over to NOVICA where the world's finest artisans await!

Or better yet...

...bring the artisans' work to your community by hosting a home party through NOVICA Live!

Hosting a NOVICA Live party is fun, fast and easy. Get FREE NOVICA gift certificates, jewelry and half priced gifts as you indulge your friends with fun, guilt-free shopping. Here are some other great hosting benefits:

  • It's easy - send invites, provide refreshments, and your NOVICA Live Home Party Consultant does the rest!
  • Give guests an armchair travel experience with our regional explorer DVD.
  • Get handcrafted treasures shipped direct from global artisans to your door.
  • Benefit artisans through each party with a microcredit loan to the artisan of your choice. ***
Interested?  Click here for more details or to book your party!  Remember, not only do you earn reduced-priced or free items for hosting, but your party may benefit at least one artisan, possibly two!  It's ALL GOOD!

If you decide to host a NOVICA Live! party, pretty please, invite me!!

Happy Shopping!

Disclosure:  I was given a $100 NOVICA gift certificate in exchange for this review.  I have not been otherwise compensated.  All opinions are my own.

*Thank you to NOVICA for providing photos from

**Photos of the Warm Earth poncho and gift wrapping are the property of Olive Plants (  I would like to send a very special thank you to my sweet and lovely (inside and out) friend, Chloe P., for modeling! 

*** from

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Happy 12th Birthday Orville!

Someone is 12 today!  We celebrated a dozen years with a dozen doughnuts. 

No, we didn't eat them all.

Well, almost.

The birthday boy enjoys his favorite:
vanilla frosted with sprinkles!
Wilbur wants it to be some one's birthday everyday!
Happy birthday, Orville! 
I love you more than you love doughnuts! :)