Friday, March 5, 2010

A Yellow and Blue Kitchen

After I left the hospital today, I had to go to Home Depot.

I only had Wilbur with me. Orville was with Michael, running other errands, and we were going to meet up at a local restaurant for dinner. I found what I needed quickly. I knew Michael would not be done yet, so I decided to kill a little time by looking through flooring samples.

Wilbur LOVES Home Depot. He flipped through every sample in the store until he found the flooring he wants in his future home. He is a hard wood man- solid hard wood in natural oak. He likes the light tone because it goes well with yellow, his favorite color. It seems he is set on having a house with yellow walls.

Then we made our way to the kitchen cabinets where there are several kitchen mock-ups. We walked from mini-kitchen to mini-kitchen, and he gave me the scoop on what he liked and didn't until we found IT. A Yellow and Blue Kitchen!

The wall was painted a really lovely shade of pale yellow, the cabinets were white, and the counter top was country blue. Wilbur exclaimed, "Now, this is MY style. When I grow up, this is the kitchen I want to have."

As he opened drawers and inspected the layout, noticing there was not a sink (he's a stickler for details), he talked about how he hoped God would send him a wife who likes yellow and blue. He went on and on about how it is his dream to provide for her and how happy it would make him to give her such a lovely place to work.

I was touched by it all and told him that I thought it was a nice vision and promised to pray that God would send him the wife that he needs.

Then he said, "Mom, I know I can't know for sure yet. But I have a good idea about who I may marry, and she likes yellow and blue, too. Best of all, you will really like her. She is your kind of girl. AND she goes to our church."

I will spare him the embarrassment of announcing over the internet the exact name of whom he dreams of marrying. We don't promote dating or boyfriends/girlfriends either, so I try to deal with those little boy dreams carefully.

But I smiled when he told me because she is my kind of girl.

And if it is God's will, I will dance on their wedding day.

We concluded, however, that we should not make any definite plans but would pray about the right woman being brought to him at the right time.

And whoever she is... she is going to have one very nice, yellow and blue kitchen. My son intends to make sure of it.


argsmommy said...

Oh, that is precious! Having parents like you, I'm sure he'll be a great husband someday, but what a bonus that he likes to look at the fun stuff at Home Depot, not just power tools. : )

Been praying for you all today; hope all went well.

Heather @ Marine Corps Nomads said...

What a wonderful story. You have a special young man (as you already know). We prefer Lowes over Home Depot, but we too enjoy going and looking around. It's fun to dream...

Heather said...

Umm, how do I get my daughters on the waiting list?

Homeschool Dawn said...

Aww.. thanks y'all.

Heather W.- They're already on it! That's why I'm glad I don't get to choose. Too many lovely ladies in our life. I couldn't make the choice.