Monday, March 22, 2010

Not Me Monday: So NOT Homeschooled

This weekend we played a game of Apples to Apples.

Are you familiar with it? It is riotous and probably our favorite game. There are a set of red apple cards which contain different nouns. These can be anything from common household items to famous people.

There is also a set of green apple adjective cards. Each player takes a turn being the "green apple". He picks a green card, reads it to the other players, and they each pick one of their red noun cards to be the perfect match for the chosen adjective.

Green Apple reads through the nouns offered by the other players and chooses the one he thinks is the best match. The player who offered the chosen card gets to keep that particular green apple card, and the first player to earn a set number of green apples wins the game.

Now, hysterical moments never arise when playing this game.

For instance, Wilbur did not match silly with silly putty and manly with men. He did not think having the definitive answer was too funny the first time. His reaction the second time was not priceless.

Wilbur did not offer "pro-wrestling" to Orville as a match for exciting. Orville decided that was the most exciting choice in his hand to which Wilbur did not exclaim, "Yea! Pro-RESTing is mine!" Orville's follow up? "Pro-resting! That's not exciting; that's just a bunch of people going to sleep!" That was not funny, and we did not laugh until our side ached!

Finally, when looking through his red apple choices for "absurd", Orville did not ask who Shania Twain is.

He did not ask, "Is she Mark Twain's wife?"

Oh... he is so not homeschooled.

And I did not laugh until I nearly hyperventilated because he knew more about literature than pop culture. Nope! Not me! Because I am not a homeschool mom!


Jenilee said...

so fun! we love that game!

argsmommy said...

I can't believe I'm not familiar with that game; sounds fun. Shania and Mark Twain... oh, that is priceless. : )