Friday, January 17, 2014

School Pictures 2013-14

Ben (14) and Brian (13)
recently had their school pictures
taken by a local photographer:
Chloe of
Someone had fun in front of the camera!
He is a jokester!
You put my sonic screwdriver WHERE?!

A Dr. Who Aficionado

Is he sneezing or laughing?
Oh, he's laughing!
Ben: And now for your viewing pleasure...
the Amazing Growing Pumpkin.
Brian: Oh, brother.
Ben: Dude, that worked!
Brian: Bro, it's a different pumpkin!
The perfect 13-yo shot!

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Sunday, January 12, 2014

No Bacon Matter

A friend of mine posted this picture on facebook.

Since "laughter is the best medicine" is currently our motto, Michael and I began to brainstorm... and laugh... and brainstorm... and cackle... and brainstorm... and guffaw until our sides nearly split.

The list got a little, ahem, long.

Too long to post below my friend's status. So we decided to share the laughter here.

In no particular order, here are our top 100 Bacon Titles! (Yes, we had to whittle the list down.)
  1. Saving Private Bacon
  2. X-Bacon
  3. The Desolation of Bacon
  4. Shawshank Bacon
  5. Temple of Bacon
  6. The Good, the Bad, and the Bacon
  7. Schindler’s Bacon
  8. The Return of the Bacon
  9. Back to the Bacon
  10. The Fellowship of the Bacon
  11. The Bacon Strikes Back
  12. Bacon Gump
  13. The Silence of the Bacon
  14. It’s a Wonderful Bacon
  15. The Green Bacon
  16. A Clockwork Bacon
  17. BACON-E
  18. Citizen Bacon
  19. The Bacon King
  20. To Kill a Bacon
  21. The Importance of Being Bacon
  22. Catching Bacon
  23. Singing in the Bacon
  24. Monty Python and the Holy Bacon
  25. Raiders of the Lost Bacon
  26. 2001: A Bacon Odyssey
  27. Mr. Bean’s Bacon
  28. Bacon on the River Kwai
  29. Baconface
  30. The Maltese Bacon
  31. The Man with One Red Bacon
  32. You’ve Got Bacon
  33. A Bacon on a Hot Tin Roof
  34. How to Train Your Bacon
  35. Gone with the Bacon
  36. The Sixth Bacon
  37. Bacon on 34th Street
  38. A Beautiful Bacon
  39. Dial B for Bacon
  40. Bacon-Hur
  41. The Bacon of Oz
  42. The Princess Bacon
  43. The Bourne Bacon
  44. A Series of Bacon Events
  45. The King’s Bacon
  46. Groundhog Bacon
  47. Bacon of the Caribbean
  48. Harry Potter and the Deathly Bacon
  49. Black Bacon
  50. Bacon University
  51. Bacon and the Beast
  52. Bacon Story
  53. The Return of the Bacon
  54. No Bacon for Old Men
  55. Bacon in Love
  56. The Bacon and I
  57. Dances with Bacon
  58. Driving Miss Bacon
  59. Chariots of Bacon
  60. A Christmas Bacon
  61. My Fair Bacon
  62. West Side Bacon
  63. All the King’s Bacon
  64. How Green Was My Bacon
  65. You Can’t Take Bacon with You
  66. Free Bacon
  67. Pretty Bacon
  68. Runaway Bacon
  69. Bacon with the Enemy
  70. Eat, Bacon, Love
  71. Mona Lisa Bacon
  72. The DaVinci Bacon
  73. Bacon Brokovich
  74. My Best Friend’s Bacon
  75. The Pelican Bacon
  76. Steel Bacon
  77. My Big Fat Greek Bacon
  78. Catch Bacon if You Can
  79. Bacon 13
  80. Independence Bacon
  81. Men in Bacon
  82. Joe Verses the Bacon
  83. Bacon and Hootch
  84. Top Bacon
  85. Risky Bacon
  86. Kung Fu Bacon
  87. War of the Bacons
  88. Bacon on the 4th of July
  89. Cowboys and Bacon
  90. Clear and Present Bacon
  91. Close Encounters of the Bacon Kind
  92. Bacon on a Wire
  93. Charlie’s Bacon
  94. Lethal Bacon
  95. Dances with Bacon
  96. Interview with a Bacon
  97. Field of Bacon
  98. Robin Hood: Prince of Bacon
  99. The Lion, the Witch and the Bacon
  100. E.B.: The Extra Bacon
Hope you laughed as much as we did! If so, what's your favorite? Do you have any titles we didn't include?

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