Thursday, January 7, 2010

You know you live in the South...

When the network news runs a story on how to avoid hypothermia after the weatherman predicts a half inch of snow is coming your way.

When talk of the half inch of snow begins days before it is due to arrive and everyone is REALLY excited.

When Wal Mart is busier than it was the day before Christmas because everyone has to have plenty of milk, bread, and other staples in case we are snowed in.

When schools announce closings twenty four hours before the half inch of snow is due to arrive.

When your neighbors who used to live in the North are wearing light-weight jogging pants and a t-shirt while you don layers with your heaviest coat over it all and you are still shaking and thinking the humid days of summer aren't so bad after all.


SAHMinIL said...

That is funny considering today we are under a snow storm warning. It's snowing now and when it's all done with later this afternoon there is suppose to be 13 inches! Schools here are OPEN today! LOL

argsmommy said...

Our area gets a little carried away too. Last night our school district canceled for the rest of the week (they haven't had any school yet this week). Our snow stopped late last night, but I think they are more worried about the cold temperatures.

Enjoy the snow! Do the boys have sleds?

Homeschool Dawn said...

SAHM, I know what you mean. My dad worked for a company based in Chicago when I was a kid. We spent a lot of time in IL. Down here, getting snow is like finding a four leaf clover. It's so rare and gets us all excited when we finally get some.

Kellie, the temps are supposed to be brutal. I'm taking the stay-inside approach. :)

Mama Hen said...

Too funny and so true. It is cold though!

Michelle said...

This is so funny--especially because it sounds like we have had exactly the same past two days! The predicted snow storm here was a bust. A few flakes here and there, but nothing really stuck for any length of time. Sad for my kids who wanted to play in the snow. :(

Yet the temps have dipped down to the teens at night, twenties in the day, all week long. We have kept the wood stove full of wood all week long, and the house runs between mid-50's and 70 degrees depending on which room you're in! I have been cold all week and have hardly taken off my wool socks! ;)

But I am stocked up on milk, eggs and bread! :)

{ jamie } said...

It IS pretty funny, isn't it? I'm in Georgia, so I know just what you mean! ;)

Homeschool Dawn said...

Thanks everyone. We southerners just aren't prepared for winter weather.
For my new readers, welcome! Thanks for commenting.