Saturday, January 2, 2010


I am back online from my two-week hiatus. I stayed off the computer almost every day except to send a few necessary emails and to read a couple of my favorite blogs. The break was refreshing, and I feel ready to jump into a new year of blogging.

We had a really great Christmas break and celebrated with both my parents and Michael's family. I have pictures to share and stories galore to tell but will save those for another day.

Today I want to share my goals for the new year. Like my friend Heather, I want to post goals, rather than just one resolution. Having a list of specific tasks to reference throughout the year will help keep me productive and focused on what is most important. I have broken my list into categories.

First are my PERSONAL goals:

  1. read through the Bible
  2. find Scriptural response to a particular issue I regularly encounter
  3. pray for grace to respond to above mentioned issue in a Christ-honoring way
  4. continue to lose weight (I am not setting a specific amount. I just want to keep losing)
  5. exercise 3x per week
  6. teach flute weekly to current student and have six students total by year's end


  1. continue to freezer cook
  2. meet a particular financial goal by saving on groceries
  3. improve my soap-making skills and earn enough money from sales to fund our gift giving
  4. clean window exteriors
  5. complete a cross-stitching project

My SCHOOL goals:

  1. encourage Orville to complete his first cycle of catechism memorization
  2. encourage Wilbur to complete half of his first cycle of catechism memorization
  3. encourage daily Scripture memory- set regular goals for each boy
  4. encourage daily instrument practice- continue with 100 day goal found on Kathleen's blog
  5. complete project for International Festival
  6. complete art pieces for HSLDA competition
  7. prepare boys for YBC
  8. complete 20th Century unit by May
  9. complete 1/2 of Ancients study by Dec.
  10. continue to workbox
  11. incorporate more hands-on work for Wilbur
  12. provide more one-on-one time for Wilbur
  13. incorporate more independent study/research for Orville
  14. find next step for Math to be used in 2011
  15. finish Chemistry study by March


  1. fulfill my responsibilities as president with a servant's heart
  2. lead monthly moms' meetings that will encourage and equip us in our roles as keepers at home/homeschooling moms/helpmeets
  3. seek out quality resources for above
  4. find someone to coordinate Spotlight Night
  5. raise $100 for our association library
  6. find an assistant coach for Mathletes
  7. determine how to share Mathletes responsibilities


  1. honor God with my words
  2. support and encourage fellow homeschool moms
  3. complete my Crew responsibilities
  4. finish the Birding 101 series by March
  5. move Olive Plants to wordpress by August

Phew! I got tired just writing that. It seems I have a lot to do in 2010, so I better get started! :)

Lord willing, I will let you know how I did next year. I am sure there will be some successes and some failures, but what is most important is that whatever we set out to do this year, it all be done for the glory of God.

So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God. 1 Cor 10:31

Happy New Year!


argsmommy said...

I'm glad you had a wonderful break! I love reading the goals of other like-minded moms. I've been working on some too, but I'm going to do on of those 101 things in 1001 days. I just completed one item a few minutes ago. : )

Mrs. White said...

I'm tired just reading all that!! (smiles)

Looking forward to seeing your progress through the coming year.

Mrs. White