Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wednesday Weigh-in: Week 11

Bad week, y'all...
I gained 0.4 of a pound
lowering my weight-loss total to 20.8 pounds.

Isn't it nice that My Fitness Pal rounds up so my little badge in the sidebar still says 21 pounds lost?!!!

Ah, was a strange and difficult week, so I won't be too hard on myself.  There was a Christmas party and a broken bone.  I have not logged into My Fitness Pal since the injury because life has been a little "off" since then. 

I took Orville to orthopedist on Monday.  He did not need a cast; the break is really high on the humerus, making a cast difficult/unnecessary.  The break is a greenstick fracture which will grow back on its own.  Still, we have to keep the arm in a sling and immobilized.  And he is disappointed that he has a broken bone but no cast for his friends to sign.  I'm trying to think of something we can make, like a paper mache cast or a memory book, that his friends can sign. 

And keeping his arm still is REALLY HARD TO DO
because the sling does not stay in place very well.  I have readjusted it 6,935 times since Friday night.  Therefore, keeping his arm iced and unmoving has required most of my available brain cells, and admittedly, I have not carefully tracked my calories this week. 

I did try, but each time little puffs of smoke came out my ears and ERROR...ERROR...CANNOT COMPUTE...CANNOT COMPUTE flashed across my forehead like a news ticker.

Yes, I know...but would this really be my blog if it did not contain the occaisional hyperbole?

Yesterday I saw my primary care for a follow-up on my injured toe.  I expected it to be the typical follow-up...she looks at it, tells me all is well and sends me on my merry way.  Instead, she looked at it, asked me if I had been following her treatment instructions, gave me more antibiotics and set up an appointment with a podiatrist for today. 

I had to do some breathing exercises and pray a lot after that.  I'm not sure why she was so concerned but now I feel like my toe is in real jeopardy and wonder if I have abused it by trying to bounce back too soon (although I did follow her treatment plan). 

So those are my excuses for why counting calories just didn't get priority this week... now let me focus on what I did right.

Even though I didn't count calories, I did keep my eating in check as best as could given the circumstances.  I didn't eat much at the Christmas party.  Everything available packed a lot of calories so I opted to enjoy some ginger ale and good conversation. 

Also, food called my name several times this week in response to all the stress, and I now realize that I do eat in response to stress.  That's a new realization, and something I am praying about. 

I also exercised twice on the Gazelle which is a big accomplishment given the condition of my toe.

Thanks for praying for me.  Please continue to do so, and Lord willing, I will have better results to share next week.  Here are my requests:
  1. For Orville's arm- please pray that it will heal quickly so that he can regain full use, for his pain (which isn't as bad as it was but still there), for him to adjust to using only one arm, and that he will not "forget" about his break and move his arm which could make the break worse
  2. For me not to worry about Orville's arm but to trust the Lord and calmly look after Orville's needs
  3. For my toe- again that I won't worry, for the podiatrist to be granted wisdom and to administer the needed treatments, for the toe to completely heal and for the Lord to heal any infection and protect me from further infection
  4. For me to get back on track with logging into My Fitness Pal
  5. For me not to feel discouragement but to learn from this week and move forward.
  6. For two friends who dieting with me
  7. For God to be glorified through my diet reports
Happy Healthy Living!


Dee said...
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Heather said...

Go, Dawn, Go. The journey is a journey. Maybe I should put that on a Hallmark card.

Kellie said...

You have nothing to be discouraged about -- that gain is so tiny! I am a stress eater too, and it got me a few times this week. I think if we can just get through December without inhaling a dozen cookies in one sitting, then we're doing okay. ; )