Saturday, July 10, 2010

Our Day at Six Flags Over Georgia

The boys participated in Six Flag's Read to Succeed Program during the '09-'10 school year.  They completed six hours of leisure reading, and in return, received free admission to Six Flags Over Georgia for themselves and for me. 

This was exciting to see from the interstate!

We started the day in the Loony Tunes kiddie park.

We're not thrill-seekers,
so the boys wanted to start small.
You can see how very unimpressed they were!

Still, Wilbur wanted to drive the kiddie trucks.
It's a truck.
That's all that mattered!

And hello!
Boats that swing...
you can't get any better than that!

They had to ride Thomas the Tank Engine
through Thomas Town
for their three-year-old friend
who really likes Thomas.

They did this for you, Nate!

Not because they used to love Thomas themselves.

So much so that I made a Thomas headboard and footboard
for Wilbur's first big boy bed.

Excuse me just a minute
while I go
cry. my. eyes. out!


Okay, I'm better now.
Thank you.
Back to Six Flags....

Michael enjoyed bouncing on the very bouncy playground.

And I love water rides!
Or at least, I used to.
The first time we rode Thunder River,
my side of the boat hit every wave
and I passed directly under the waterfall.
I was soaked.

We went to eat lunch and dry out,
and just happened to sit down near
an outdoor performance.
Michael and I weren't that thrilled
to be seated in such a noisy spot.
However, the boys thought the show was hysterical,
and Orville wanted to pose with the cast.
They were so nice to give us
such a great picture.

We rode a few more rides.
Not the one pictured above.
We're not adventurous, remember?
However, we did ride a few lower intensity "coasters".

About the time I dried out,
we reached Skull Island.

This is a great waterpark
with a series of interconnecting water slides.
All of the slides end in pools not much deeper than this.

For those wearing swimsuits,
it is a great place to splash, play, and cool down.
I, however, was wearing denim capris
and a t-shirt and was not prepared to get

I waked in an area under a misting spray,
because on a 95 degree day, I needed to cool down, too.
Just as I stepped into the mist,
a very large bucket
(about the size of a compact car)
and tipped

Sorry, again no picutres,
but you can imagine me
standing in the middle of a waterfall,
unable to move
or open my eyes.

Soaked is not the right word for how wet I was.

I was determined not to let
squishy shoes
(seriously, water was squirting
out of them with each step I took)
and water-logged clothes,
(I was saggin', people)
keep me from having fun.

We pressed on 
and even had another summer school session
in which the boys learned 
what a phone booth is.

we rode my absolute favorite ride,
The Bumper Cars!
Unfortunately, the camera battery died
just as Michael was about
to take the only picture of me during the day.

The one where I laugh maniacally
and slam into Wilbur's car.


Then I got my comeuppance
at the CAROUSEL! 

While dismounting my wooden, unmoving steed,
I hit my knee
on the metal foot rest

It was swollen and sore for a week.

Understanding why we aren't adventure seekers?

Because I was still soaked
with no hope of drying out
within the foreseeable future,
we decided to ride Thunder River again.
Not only did I hit every wave,
and take a direct hit from two fire hoses,

but I hit the waterfall
where the boat got stuck
for a good 20 seconds.

If you enjoy being a drowned rat,
click here
and let your kids earn free
Six Flags tickets, too!

Moral #2:
When you go,
wear light-weight,
quick-drying clothes!! :)

Happy Reading, Riding, and Splashing!

p.s. Because our camera died,
we had to borrow the last three pictures in this post
from Free Foto .


Debbie said...

I didn't know 6 Flags did this--We are going to watch for this year's program!

Kellie said...

Oh, you poor thing! I got all wet at an amusement park in Branson last year, but not that wet.

That Thomas bed is/was adorable. Ryne would have loved that when he was little too. I miss those days too. sniff

Glad you had fun! I'll have to check to see if our local park has a program like that.