Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Not Me Monday: Oh wait... it's Tuesday.

Mckmama- Not Me Monday

Since I have not posted a Not Me in about an eon and I am so busy right now that the events that did NOT occur today will not remain in my working memory until next Monday, I will go ahead and quickly pound this story out.

Here is what did NOT happen today....

The boys are taking art classes each morning at a local art museum.  Said museum faces a busy street and backs up to the only parking garage in our town.  We live in Littletown, Georgia, so our parking garage is little too.  It's three stories tall, to be exact.  To avoid creating a traffic jam, which can happen in the little downtown of Littletown, and to keep the children safe, we are asked to drop the kids off at a particular spot in the parking garage which opens into the back courtyard of the museum.

This morning we had to leave about half-an-hour earlier than normal because we were expecting a repairman and I did not want to get trapped in our little driveway by his big truck.  The boys and I went to Kroger to buy a loaf of bread and then arrived at the parking garage 20 minutes earier than usual.

Because we had gone to Kroger first, we entered the garage from a different spot than normal.  Something happens to me when I enter a parking garage.  I lose all sense of direction.  I am usually a very good navigator.  I have that natural sense for which way is which and rarely get lost.  But kind of like a cell phone loses it signal in a garage, it's as if the tower that transmits my directional powers go out there too.  Coming in a new entrance did not help matters.

I drove in the direction that I thought was the back of the museum, but there was no museum there.  I drove around the garage several times, not finding it anywhere, until I finally exclaimed, "What happened to the museum?!"

At that point, Orville says, "Um, Mom, I think we're on the wrong level.  You need to go up."

Well, that made good sense, except that I had to drive around four more times before I found up.  After I finally realized I should turn where the big, white left arrow was painted on the ground in front of me, we easily found the museum.

We were still early, and the teacher was not yet at the meeting spot, so I pulled into a nearby parking spot to wait.  When the teacher came out, I realized that I had parked in a spot past the meeting spot and would have to go around the parking garage again to get back to the meeting spot... one way driving only.

So around we went again, and somehow, I made it back down to the first level and began the drive round and round in search of the turn up again.

This is when Wilbur observed that it was a good thing this parking garage was not Jericho and both boys proceeded to blow their air horns and yell.

After a few more passes, I found the turn and made it back to the drop off spot.  The boys marched into art class singing, "keep walking, but you won't knock down our walls...."

I laughed as I drove around the garage a few more times, just for good measure.  Then I had to go to Dairy Queen because I had an inexplicable craving for a slushy.

Happy Driving!

p.s.  Our first day of English classes went very well.  Michael and I really enjoyed our time with our kids.  Orville and Wilbur already knew a few of our students from art camp and they enjoyed being at English school with us, getting to know their Korean friends even better.  We appreciate your prayers and ask that you continue to pray that our time with our students and their parents would be fruitful.

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Kellie said...

Funny, we just dropped Grace off at ballet camp and while we waited in the car (we were early too) I was treated to a Veggie Tales medley (but the Jericho song was not included).

Glad your class went well -- I'll be praying.

Oh, and the nature journal arrived! It looks wonderful! Thank you so much!