Friday, July 2, 2010

Summer School: Real Estate Study Course

The Battery
Charleston, South Carolina

As we drove through historic downtown Charleston,
I asked the boys to decide which of the homes they liked best.

Orville's favorite was in Rainbow Row.

I can understand his choice. 
When I visited Charleston as a child,
I was captivated by the many colors of
Rainbow Row.

Wilbur insisted that he had seen a yellow brick house
in Rainbow Row and that it was his favorite.
We walked and walked and walked and walked
until we reached the open-air markets.
If you are not familiar with Charleston,
this is a really long walk,
particularly for a mother who lives with chronic pain.

We couldn't find his "yellow brick" house anywhere,
and I could not walk any farther.
He did like the one pictured above,
yellow and blue, of course!
He decieded that it was his new favorite,
(because his weary mother insisted that he
pick another favorite asap!)
so we took the picture and headed back
to our parking spot along The Battery.

When we reached the exact spot where we had started our search,
we saw his "yellow brick" house!
Home at last!

Now, how to pay for it?!?


Kellie said...

Poor mom! Glad he found his house though. : )

James said...

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Henry Cate said...

"Now, how to pay for it?!?"

Maybe you could help him learn that with a good education he could afford to buy it himself when he gets older.

Dawn Hays said...
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