Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Teaching Tip Tuesday: Reading Music

I made this chart to help my flute student learn to read music.

I drew the staff on card stock and then laminated it. I drew a variety of notes, rests, and time signatures on index cards, laminated, and cut them out. Then I attached Velcro to the index card pieces and the staff. She is able to change the time signature and place the appropriate "amount" of notes within the measure. I also have her move a whole note from line-to-line or space-to-space and state which note is which.

I made this small, 8.5 x 11'', so it would be portable. She practices with it at home, and we use it during her lessons each week. If I could make a few changes, I would increase the size. Probably make it an interactive bulletin board for home use only. I would add in a space for the key signature. I would also make the treble clef interchangeable with a bass clef. Flute reads treble only, but for my pianist at home, I would want both.

Happy Teaching!



Heather said...

You are SO Cool! Could I clone you? Em just started reading notes on the treble for her violin. I love this idea, but don't know if I will actually implement it.

argsmommy said...

What a useful tool! I found poster-sized laminated staff at a teacher supply store, which would be great for a larger version.

Michelle said...

This is SO cool! Thanks for sharing! I made my husband come over and look at your photo because I (ahem) would not even remember where to put the velcro on the music staff!

Heather S. said...

I approve and agree with all the mentioned modifications.