Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Product Review: Mathletics


Mathletics from 3-P Learning has been a valuable addition to our school program.

Mathletics.com is a paid membership site where your child can log into his personal account and complete grade-appropriate math challenges.


There is an area for practice where he is given a group of math problems on a particular skill to solve. Instant feedback is given, and players receive points based on their performance. There is also an area for problem solving. Students can choose word problems from a variety of math topics. Printable activities are available for certain topics and grade levels.


Mathletics keeps a record of the points a child earns and awards him certificates based on his performance. Students also work to earn perfect scores, represented by a gold bar in their progress report. With these high scores and certificates, players are awarded credits which they can use to buy items for their personal avitar. My sons loved this and thought they were on Webkinz.

On the Mathletics homepage, there is a Hall of Fame where the top students for the day, both in the US and internationally, are listed. One of my sons made the list a few times. This was highly motivating.

I liked that I received a weekly report. It was sent to my inbox once per week and allowed me to easily monitor their progress. When we first registered, I was allowed to place them at the grade level of my choosing. After a few reports, I saw that one son was not being challenged and was able to change his grade level immediately. I like that flexibility.

Interested? Now is a good time to purchase a membership. A one-year subscription for one child normally costs $99, but currently, the cost is $59. I would renew at that price and feel like I had received a good deal.

I received 2 memberships to Mathletics, one for each of my sons, for the purpose of completing this review. I have received no other compensation and have offered my honest evaluation. Please visit the TOS Homeschool Crew blog to read more reviews.


argsmommy said...

Wow, Dawn! I'm just amazed at all the interesting products you get to review. How do you find the time to do all this? (Sorry for being off-topic!)

Homeschool Dawn said...

Being on the Crew is a challenge! What I liked the most about the three products I posted reviews for this week is that they boys could work on them in the evenings or weekends. They're great supplements.

I have some real challenges facing me in January, large packages of full curricula that will need to be integrated into the school day. I am going to have to change some of my goals for this year to make room for it.