Monday, December 14, 2009

Not Me Monday: I am NOT scatterbrained.

Last week I did not end my Not Me post with a joke.

I did not say that you should come back soon so I can prove to you that I am not scatterbrained.

I did not write this purely as a joke with absolutely no intention of doing such a thing. I mean, I am not scatterbrained after all. Not me. No way! Writing a post to prove this would be unnecessary.

After I hit publish on my hee-hee, ha-ha of a joke, the following did not happen:

  1. I did not forget to email the Mathletes' problems of the week to the team members.

  2. It was not Tuesday morning when I finally realized I had not yet sent them out.

  3. I did not send an email apologizing for my tardiness, explain that the level 2 and level 3 problems and their solutions were attached, and type the level 1 problem into the body of the email.

  4. I did not promise to send a second email with the solution for the level 1 problem.

  5. After hitting send, I did not start to type out the solution to level 1 and realize that I had not written the problem down or sent the previous email to myself.

  6. I did not have to write another email explaining what I had done and attempt to write out steps for solving the problem, omitting the numbers. It did not sound like this:

    Take the first % in the problem of the second number. Then subtract that answer from the second % I listed from the third number. (I would never give instructions that are so vague. Not me! I'm a master teacher who can explain everything with ease!!)

  7. About an hour later, I did not begin to do the PoW with Orville and Wilbur and realize that I still did not have the numbers for the level 1 problem and that I, the coach, would have to write the team moms and ask them to send me the PoW!

  8. Before I had a chance to write that email, one of the team moms replied to the original email. My dilemma should have been solved since the reply contained the level 1 problem, complete with numbers, except that she had written to inform me that I had not attached the levels 2 & 3 problems and solutions.

  9. I did not send yet another email to the group with the attachments actually attached.

  10. About an hour after that I did not receive a phone call from another team mom. It seems that when scanning the level 2 problem, I did not place it cock-eyed in the scanner and cut off part of the text.

  11. I did not send out a fourth email with a fully legible PoW. That was not the worst job I have ever done... EVER!

There! That proves it! I am NOT scatterbrained. Not even a little bit.

Come back next time when I will prove that I am not…

Never mind. I won’t go there again.

Just come back next time.

I’m sure it’ll be interesting.

P.S. If any of my Mathletes or their moms read this, thank you for being the best, most understanding group ever! :)

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argsmommy said...

Glad to hear you're not scatterbrained, because I've been there and it's not pretty. But I find most moms are pretty forgiving because they have all been there too. : )