Monday, December 13, 2010

The Injured Party

So every year our church has a caroling party.

And every year, one of us is injured or sick on the date of the party.

Four years ago, Michael stepped on one of my sewing needles.  I thought for sure I had put that thing back in my little magnetic storage case which had been placed back inside my sewing basket.  Evidently not, because his heel found it, and he had to go to the hospital and have it surgically removed.  It was millimeters from the bone.  Ack!  He stayed home to recover while the boys and I went caroling without him.

Three years ago, I had just had major surgery and wasn't quite back up to speed.  Brushing my hair was an accomplishment then.  Walking the neighborhood while singing would have felt like climbing Mount Everest, or something really hard like that.  So Michael took the boys, and I stayed home to recover.

The next year Michael had pneumonia.  It was just me and the boys again.

Last year, I was sick (not with pneumonia, thankfully, but just good and sick) and Michael took the boys and a batch of Nutter Butter snowmen cookies.

When I injured my toe two weeks ago, I jokingly said, "Well, it's almost time for the caroling party.  Someone in this family had to get hurt."  I wondered if I would be able to attend since wearing a shoe felt like torture at the time. 

However I was able to wear my loosest-fitting pair of tennis shoes by Monday without passing out, so I decided to go.  I was determined that our family would finally attend the party together.  I guarded my foot (because even though I'm back in shoes, it is not completely healed and if someone stepped on my toe...ahhhh!), and we all made it there.

At Last!

However, I was not to be the only injured party....

While playing outside, Orville fell from the play equipment.  His left arm took the impact, and he has a greenstick fracture in his humerus

Which isn't very humorous.

But it's not too serious, either.

He is currently in a splint, and I am taking him to the orthopedist this afternoon to have it set.

He is doing well and being very brave.  The ER doctor prescribed a pain reliever, and it is keeping the pain in check.  He had trouble sleeping Friday and Saturday nights...difficult to find a comfortable position.  He did sleep well last night, though, and is adjusting to life with one functioning arm.  He should heal quickly and be good as new within a couple months. 

Some might say The Injured Party is a thing of bad luck or a stroke of fate against us.  However, we believe that 
Providence says, Whatever God ordains must be; but the wisdom of God never ordains any thing without a purpose. (Spurgeon, God's Providence, Sermon on Ezekiel 1:15-19), and through it all we are learning when trouble comes, disease comes, pestilence comes, smile at it, and say:

"He that has made his refuge God,

Shall find a most secure abode;

Shall walk all day beneath his shade,

And there at night shall rest his head."

Let this be thy shield to keep off the thrusts of distress,
let this be thy high rock against all the winds of sorrow. Sing,

"Though the way may be rough, it cannot be long,

So smooth it with hope, and cheer it with song."

We are thankful for God's protection and trust in His Providence. He has a purpose for all things, and we give Him praise.



Kellie said...

Well, I had a hard time concentrating on most of the post because the thought of Michael stepping on that needle... oh, I just can't get rid of the shivers that gives me.

I'm glad you continue to heal and were able to attend the party. And I will pray for quick healing for Orville's arm -- poor thing!

Kimberly @ Raising Olives said...

Hope the break heals quickly and the pain continues to be under control.

Thanks for the reminder that God is sovereign and that nothing happens by chance.