Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wednesday Weigh-in: Week 12

Well, no gain this week.

And I'm happy about that.  Every day this week, except for one, we were either at the ER or a doctor's office which doesn't sound like a diet obstacle, but it was.  Lots of driving to get one or both boys to a babysitter, then lots of time at the doctor's, then back to pick up the boys, then off to get prescriptions, late nights watching fevers and nursing migraines....  Completely blew our schedule and kept me from logging my food faithfully.

Sunday, we had a small Christmas celebration with the Kingdom Arrows (more about that in another post), and I enjoyed (and you must sing this to the tune of Jingle Bell Rock to fully enjoy it) Tater Tot, Tater Tot, Casserole and a piece of pie!  Yummo!

So this week gives me hope that when I have reached my goal weight, I will be able to maintain it without having to count calories for the rest of my life.

I will not post next week because we will be visiting my in-laws and I will have limited internet access.  My goal is to maintain a loss of 20-21 pounds until the New Year.

I will check back in on January 5, 2011 and let you know how I did!

Keep praying!


Kellie said...

You've had such a rough month! You're such an encouragement to me in the way you maintain a positive attitude.

Heather said...

yes, I should find the MIDI music for "Tater Tot, Tater Tot, casserole." We had casserole last night but no one could come up with a song, much less a name for it-I adapted a recipe.