Saturday, December 25, 2010

Top Ten Christmas Moments

10.  The boys opened game cartridges for a new Nintendo DS before receiving the game system.  My parents had bought the games (and a new system) for them, and I had arranged beforehand for the games to be opened first.  All the adults pretended that Nohnie had bought the games for the wrong system and that we would just have to do a return on Monday....

9.  At dinner, Orville kept calling the Watergate salad, "Waldorf" salad.  After being corrected for the ump-teenth time, he sighed, Well, I knew it was some hotel salad.

8.  No one got run over by a reindeer.

7.  We saved Buzz Lightyear by surgically removing his Radar Rash and Battered Blaster. 

6.  Wilbur opened the package containing his pop rifle, and we heard pop, pop, pop for the next 2 hours.

5.  I got the high score on Bop-It!  (Another noise that lasted for 2 hours)

4.  When Orville opened his new Reformation Study Bible, Wilbur read the front cover as the Re-form-ta-tion Study Bible.

3.  I got the flu....

Oh, ooops....

Wrong list.  Never mind.

2.  When the boys finally opened the new DS from Nohnie and Papaw, they ran around the great room yelling, "Woo Hoo!  We got one!  We don't have to take the games back!  Nohnie didn't buy the wrong games!  You all are tricky!!"

1.  It snowed in Georgia!!!

Merry Christmas!


I am blessed! said...

Merry Christmas! Sounds like you all had a fun one. I've decided you haven't really lived on the edge til you've gone to a candle light service with 6 little ones. I'm just glad we didn't burn down the church!


Kellie said...

Sounds like a fun Christmas, except the flu part. I had a horrible cold, so I can sympathize. Thanks a lot for taking our snow. We just got back from Denver where the only snow we saw was on the distant mountain peaks.

Oh, and you'll like this: I got Marc a book titled Recovering the Reformed Confession, but my MIL thought it said Recovering {from} the Reformed Confession. ; )

Homeschool Dawn said...

Ooo, Celee, that sounds dangerous!

Kellie, you may have the snow back. We really don't want it. ha ha That's too funny about the book title, too.

I hope you both had a great Christmas!