Friday, January 17, 2014

School Pictures 2013-14

Ben (14) and Brian (13)
recently had their school pictures
taken by a local photographer:
Chloe of
Someone had fun in front of the camera!
He is a jokester!
You put my sonic screwdriver WHERE?!

A Dr. Who Aficionado

Is he sneezing or laughing?
Oh, he's laughing!
Ben: And now for your viewing pleasure...
the Amazing Growing Pumpkin.
Brian: Oh, brother.
Ben: Dude, that worked!
Brian: Bro, it's a different pumpkin!
The perfect 13-yo shot!

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Kellie said...

Wonderful pictures!!! I think my favorite is the last one of them on the bridge. And, my, they look so grown up!

Dawn Hays said...

I love that one, too, Kellie. Our photographer is only 16 and is so talented. She does a great job getting her subjects to be themselves and captures their personalities. It made me really happy to see my boys so happy during such a hard time in our lives. These pictures will help me as I look back on this year to feel peace about it all.