Friday, January 16, 2009

The Trail

Farewell Friday

The boys finished their unit on the Oregon Trail just before Christmas break. Their final project was to write a fiction story in the style of Bound for Oregon by Van Leeuwen. Plush toys seem to find their way into most of their projects, so the main characters are Pioneer Piggy, of course, and a band of dogs, pigs and birds.

The boys worked together on the pre-writing aspects. Orville did the majority of the writing. All three of us contributed to the editing. In the publishing phase, Orville typed and formatted, and Wilber added the illustrations.

The Trail
by Orville and Wilber

Once upon a time, a group of animals went on an adventure on the Oregon Trail.
They started in Independence, Missouri. They needed a lot of supplies because the trail was 2000 miles long. Their names were Piggy, Scruffy, Puppy, Quill, Love, Kiss, Lovie and Friendly. So they got their supplies and took off across the country.
Little were they aware that there were a lot of dangers on the trail.

They made 15 miles the first day. They reached Fort McKinley on the 4th of July, which was a very special day. They left after the historical celebration.

But right after that, Kiss got the cholera, a very bad disease. “No! No!” was all Friendly could say about Kiss. Although he did stop so she could get well. Finally she got well and they moved out.

Sometimes Friendly and Lovie went to play hopscotch.
Love and Kiss gathered, Puppy fished, and Scruffy hunted. It was a lot of work but it was worth it. If they wanted to survive, they had to do the work. They had traveled 1123 miles. Now they were at Chimney Rock. They stayed there for 2 days. They enjoyed the sites for while and moved on. 1500 miles... 1600 miles... 1700 miles... OH NO!

It’s winter and there‘s one more mountain to cross, Mt. Hood. The hardest mountain to cross. “We must persevere and conquer that there hill” said Scruffy. “Yes, Grandpa,” said Friendly. PULL, PULL, PULL! “HOORAY!” they all shouted. Then they used the rope to pull the wagon along way down hill. Yippee!! It's down!!! 1800... 1900... 1950... 2000 miles! THEY MADE IT!! “OREGON!!” They all shouted. Now, they live peacefully in Oregon City, Oregon.


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