Tuesday, February 24, 2009

House Update 6: A Remodeling Carol

I have never liked the t.v. show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. The premise is nice and all... finding people in need and building their dream homes. In fact, I have always felt a little guilty for not liking the show. It is about neighbors helping neighbors and people in need being provided for. My disdain for Ty Pennington and crew has often made me wonder if I am, at least in part, a scrooge. Last week, my inner Ebeneezer was put to the test as I had an encounter with three remodeling spirits.

First, I met the spirit of remodeling past. His name is Mr. Botched Job. The wall-to-wall carpeting was ripped up last week, and all the floors are in excellent shape... except for one little flaw. In the hallway, there used to be a vent or floor heater of some sort. It seems that at some point in the past, a previous owner decided to remove it and did not want to have patch-work flooring in the house. His remedy was covering the hole in the floor with a board and carpeting over the hardwoods in the entire house. Since we decided to go with hardwoods throughout, we found ourselves facing the same dilemma. After going round and round with idea after idea, we have settled on installing a runner over the hardwoods in this hallway. It will have a very narrow edging of hardwood showing, about an 1 1/2" on each side. I'm not crazy about it but can live with this solution.

Next came the spirit of remodeling present. We'll call her "Miss Measurement." The special-order windows that we received were not the sizes we needed. They weren't even close! Regardless of whose fault this is, ours or the company we ordered from or the company that made the windows, they cannot be returned. We had to order a whole new set and essentially pay double. The new windows are due to arrive tomorrow. It is hugely important that they arrive on time so that the men completing our remodel (just a quick side note... they have no fault in this and are doing a great job on the house) can install the windows and complete the repairs on the walls. Please pray that they will arrive tomorrow (Wed). We also have a couple of potential buyers for the unusable windows. Please pray that we will be able to recoup at least 1/2 of what we paid for them. If they do not sell soon, I will be posting pix of them here with specs. If you know someone in need of windows, please, direct them to my blog.

Finally, I was visited by the spirit of remodeling future, Mr. Fix It, when I walked into my house and saw the progress each day. The hardwood floors are refinished. The bath room and kitchen are both almost completely redone. There are new light fixtures, doors and hardware. Where there were once the signs of age and decay, there are now signs of life. It is beginning to look like a new home. I know when the windows are replaced that the transformation will be remarkable. I have taken tons of pictures and look forward to posting. I am going to wait until everything is complete and post a room-by-room tour.

I know this is the point in my story where I am supposed to insert a huge revelation... a testimony of how I have shed my "Bah-Humbug!" ways. I do not, however, have a new-found love of remodeling or remodeling shows. Instead, I have a new appreciation for Jesus' teaching in Matt. 6. Earthly treasures really do rust. Moths (and age) really do destroy.

My earthly home is important. I am glad it is now in good repair. It is where I spend my days. It is where I do what really counts... the ministry of motherhood. I am thankful for how the Lord has provided and given us the grace we need to flourish in this season. I am thankful for Michael and how he has worked this week. I am thankful for the men who have done excellent work in repairing and updating my house.

But how great is my joy that my real treasure is in Heaven. I know that the work done on our house will be outdated within a few short years. Within a couple decades, it will have faded and age and decay will begin to rear their ugly faces again. However, the work done for the Lord within the walls of that temporal dwelling will last for eternity. Praise the Lord!

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argsmommy said...

I'm so sorry about the windows. I'm praying all works out well. I love your Biblical perspective though -- it took me a while to come to some of those same conclusions.