Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Plan for Next Year

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I have dedicated 11 posts to answering questions about homeschooling and curriculum.  You can read all the posts in this series by clicking on their titles listed in my sidebar under the heading Considering Homeschooling?

If you have followed this series from the start, you know that we are eclectic schoolers who like to pull together a number of resources for our homeschool program.  Now that I have told you about school past and present, please allow me to divulge the plans for school future.

There are a few studies the boys will complete together next year. 
  • Diana Waring's History Revealed (Ancients):  This study is designed for middle school and offers a core text along with her audio recordings.  I think this will be perfect for math/science son who likes to start with the big picture.  For my history-loving son, there are suggestions for extended readings and research.  For both boys, there are many hands-on activity suggestions, each of which addresses a different learning style.  I am really excited about this study.

  • Literature Study - The Chronicles of Narnia SeriesI have purchased 3 copies of each of the 7 books, one for each boy and one for me.  We will read aloud together, switching turns as reader, then discuss.  I will be using Veritas Press's Chronicles of Narnia Comprehension Guide for our discussion time, and I may have them complete some of the activities included in the guide as well.  We will read 1-2 chapters per day, 3-4 days per week whick will allow us to complete one book per month.  During the 8th month, I plan to read Shakespeare's Julius Caesar with them, and during the last month of school, we will not have a literature study (or we may complete make-up work if necessary).

  • Harmony Fine Arts, Grade 5:  This fine arts curriculum is affordable and looks like it will be fun and easy to complete.  Barb, the Harmony Art Mom, offers 3 options for the visual art study, one of which includes Artistic Pursuits.  Both boys will complete her grade 5, option 2.  Wilbur will also complete option 3 for the Artisitic Pursuits component.  All of grade 5 focuses on ancient art which will tie into our history studies.  Grade 5 music appreciation introduces the orchestra.

  • The violin book: Book 1, beginning basics : correct hold and elements of sound production by Eden Vaning-Rosen:  I found this at a curriculum fair last month.  Her method of introducing the violin in small, clear increments and of learning to play before learning to read music looks very do-able.  Wilbur has expressed an interest in violin for a couple of years, and we have not been able to afford private lessons.  Though I would rather provide private instruction, these books will make it possible for me to give him an introduction.  When I came home with all the books and cd's in this program, Orville decided that he wants to play, too.
Wilbur's studies will also include the following:

  • Singapore Math, levels 4B and 5A

  • The Quarter Mile Math:  Wilbur LOVES to play The Quarter Mile.  He "drives" a car or moves his horse by completing math problems.  It is a comprehensive math practice software (it covers many skills from counting through pre-algebra) and motivates students with self competition.  You can read my review here.

  • Apologia Young Explorers Series, Zoology 3: Wilbur is looking forward to this study about the land animals God created during the sixth day.

  • Draw and Write through History (Draw and Write Through History (Creation through Jonah, Volume 1) Greece and Rome):  These are handwriting practice books in which the copy work pertains to the time period.  Interspersed are art lessons which teach students how to draw pictures pertaining to the period, too.  I found them at the curriculum fair last month and knew they would motivate him to write and learn history.  He is so excited about them AND is excited to start a study of the ancients.  I think these books have prompted the interest.  This is MAJOR.  He is NEVER interested in history.  However, he is salivating over these books and the History Revealed materials. We could have a winner, folks! 

  • Artistic Pursuits, 4-6 Book One (coupled with Harmony Fine Arts, mentioned above)

Orville's studies will also include the following:
  • Veritas Press Omnibus I:  Go ahead, giggle....  We have decided to return to Veritas Press.  I'll go buy a big stack of paper bags before Wilbur starts Omni I!  ;)

  • Singapore Math, levels 6 A & B (He is NOT happy that his 1st books are pink! hahaha)

  • Apologia's Exploring Creation with General Science

  • Falacy Detective by Nathaniel Bluedorn

  • Piano lessons
We have a big year ahead of us.  I am excited about the many great opportunities that await the boys.

But for now...

I'm off to enjoy the summer!

I hope you have found this series helpful.  Enjoy your summer, too!   Please, feel free to ask me questions if you have any.

And remember, by God's grace, you can homeschool, too!

Happy curriculum hunting!

Disclosure:  I am an affiliate for All About Spelling, The Quarter Mile Math, and Amazon.  If you complete purchases after following the links I provided in this post (or elsewhere on my blog) to their websites, I will receive a commission.  I am not an affiliate for any other companies mentioned in this post.  I have not been compensated for this article and have provided my honest opinon.


argsmommy said...

Can I attend your homeschool? It looks like a great year! But challenging! I can't wait to hear what you think about Omnibus. I think if anyone can handle two kids in separate years of Omnibus, it is you. : )

Jacquelin said...

sounds like a great year planned for your boys. I like your Literature Plan and may have to do that over next summer.

Chef Penny said...

Sounds like a great year! I look forward to hearing all about the Narnia series . I have a friend that is going to use it too. I may have to go over and take a look at it now.