Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer School: Beach School

While camping at Skidaway Island, Georgia,
we went to nearby Tybee Island to enjoy the beach.
We also ended each day in Charleston at the beach on the Isle of Palms.
Both beaches were beautiful and provided a nice way to unwind
and to learn a little, too.

Here is what the boys learned at "Beach School"....


This "peregrine falcoln" kite caught the attention of everyone on the beach.
Orville enjoyed making its "wings" flap by tugging on the string.



The boys dug pits in the moist sand
and waited for the ocean water to return and fill them.
Once filled, each pit was called a "water source".
Then they dug canals to connect the sources.


We gave the boys words to spell in the sand.
They had to write quickly before the water erased their work.


This is the saddest sand castle ever constructed.
And I am using the word "constructed" very loosely!
We had to hault work on it suddenly
because someone needed to go to the potty. :)


 Similar to spelling words,
we gave the boys math problems to work in the sand.
The ocean was the timer,
and the boys had to complete their calculations
before the tide washed the problem away.

I could attend Beach School everyday!!!

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