Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wednesday Weigh-in: I am so mad at IKEA!

Last week, my dad and I went to IKEA Atlanta to buy the boys' furniture-- step 2 of Project Move the Boys. I had checked their website about a zillion times because finding the exact pieces to fit their rooms was essential to the success of our remodeling project. I chose IKEA because they specialize in small spaces, and Brian's room in particular is teeny, tiny. There was nothing on their website to indicate the horror of all horrors that would meet me once at the store: the loft bed for Bri's room has been discontinued. I think it is available in the store in Washington state, and although I'm dedicated, that would be a bit far to drive. Sigh.

So, let's just say it was a stressful week which involved more soda than it should have. lol 

How did I fare? Well... you'll have to click over to my new blog, Wednesday Weigh-in Club, to find out! It's super cute so click that link, K? I have decided to get back down to business here at Olive Plants and keep things more homeschool/homemaking focused. If you are interested in following my weigh-ins, please follow or subscribe once at WWC. I look forward to seeing you there (and here!).



Kellie said...

I'm so sorry about the Ikea experience! I love Ikea (I'm planning a trip there when we go to Denver this summer), but that would make me mad too. I totally resort to soda, um... I mean pop (lol) when I'm stressed out too. In fact, I had a few too many myself this past week. : )

Homeschool Dawn said...

I love Ikea too... just a little mad at them right now. I'll get over it. In fact, I have a trip planned for next week. lol

I had to force my southern hands to type "soda' instead of "coke." :)