Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wednesday Weigh-in: Round one is complete!

You might think my title implies I have reached my first weight loss goal. That would make a lot of sense, since this is a post about weight loss. But, no. I could never keep things that organized and logical.

Variety is what you get here, folks. Variety!

Most likely, several weeks will pass before I hit my first weight-loss goal; however, we have completed round one of project "Move the Boys." You saw Brian's room earlier this week. Ben's room is now painted and ready for furniture, too. We're done with yard sales, and other than a few items that I just couldn't send to Goodwill and hope to sell online, the house has been purged!

But you want to read about weight loss, don't you? This is a Wednesday Weigh-in after all!

This week I lost 1.8 pounds!
That brings my total to 16 pounds.

I was really happy with the scale this morning, especially after last week's itty, bitty little dip. Add to that all the stuff we removed from closets and under beds and I feel much, much lighter this week! I don't feel as jam packed into my house or my clothes. It's a nice feeling.

By this time next week, we should have all the new furniture assembled and in place and all of the boys' belongings organized. Felix and Oscar (aka Ben and Brian) will not have to share a room any more. Felix (I'm not saying who's who) will be in organizational heaven. Oscar... well, we'll help him get organized, but will he stay that way? Here's hoping! :)

You can pray for my stamina this week. I really struggled to get it all done last week and felt rotten by the weekend. If Michael weren't at home to do more than his share of the work and if the boys weren't old enough to do their fair share too, this project wouldn't happen. I'm thankful for my guys; however, I'm really struggling with "spoon contentment." (So that will make more sense, you can read The Spoon Theory by Christine Miserandino.) It is really hard to feel good about yourself when everyone around you feels exhausted because they have lived a full, very active life while you're totally spent because you painted one wall. When you have a chronic illness, the wrestle with feelings of inadequacy is fierce. If that sounds like a pity party, well, it is. I'm working through some stuff over here. Thanks for keeping me in your prayers as I learn new lessons in contentment.


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Kellie said...

Aww... big hugs from someone who throws plenty of pity parties for herself, even though I have little reason to do so. I'm so proud of you for toughing it out and relying on God and your family to be your strength. I have been a big fail in tracking and eating well this week, so I'm impressed that you are always so steady with that. Maybe I'll one day get there after I've established a routine for longer than a couple of weeks. : )

Congratulations on the weight loss!!!