Thursday, September 19, 2013

That's So Dawn: The Gas Pump

Since laughter is the best medicine, I have decided to revive an old segment here at Olive Plants: That's So Dawn. If you're new here, TSD posts are ones in which I have a good laugh at myself. I hope you will, too.

Today while Ben and Brian were at a yearbook staff meeting (yes, homeschoolers have those), I decided to run some errands. Because my low gas warning had dinged on the way to the meeting, the gas pump was one of my stops. It reminded me of a classic TSD moment....

About 7 years ago I was travelling through Alabama to Tennessee to visit my parents. It was just me and my two little boys. I pulled over for gas, and for the first time in my gas-pumping experience, I was asked to enter the zip code.

A pang of anxiety hit me as I had no clue what the zip code was for Jasper, Alabama. I stood there and stared at the screen like a deer in headlights for what had to be 3 or 4 v-e-r-y---l-o-n-g minutes.

What to do? What to do?

Finally, I had the good sense to go ask the attendant.

Me: Um, excuse me. What is the zip code here.

Attendant: 3-5-5-0-3

Me: Thank you!

Back at the pump I punched in 3-5-5-0-3.






I couldn't understand why the attendant had given me the wrong zip code. I mean, what was his problem? Didn't he even know his own zip code?

Me: Excuse me. That zip code didn't work.

Attendant: Um, what?

Me: The zip code. The zip code you gave me didn't work. It says, "invalid entry."

Attendant: Um, ma'am, that's not asking for the zip code here. It wants YOUR zip code. It's a security measure.

Me: *air-headed giggle* Oh, thank you.

If I lose my hair to methotrexate, I'm gonna buy a blonde wig. It seems blonde should be my color.

Laughing at myself,

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Kellie said...

Too funny!

When we moved my dad from Texas to Colorado he went ahead and changed his address for his credit card the week of the move. I was with him when he stopped for gas one day that week and he had to do the zip code thing. He kept putting in his TX zip and it kept denying it. He was getting so upset, so I went ahead and paid for his gas. We didn't figure out the problem until we called the bank and they told us he needed to use his new zip code. : )