Saturday, June 27, 2009

Have you noticed all my new badges?

I feel kind of like a girl scout with all the new badges I have collected in my sidebar. Just like a girl scout receives her badges for service, each of mine represents a way I intend to serve the homeschool community. So, allow me to take a few minutes to explain each to you.

First, I have been selected to serve on TOS Magazine's Homeschool Crew. We are a group of one-hundred homeschooling, blogging moms. Throughout the 2009-2010 school year, a variety of vendors will send products to me that I will use and review. Being chosen as a member of this group is such an honor and I want to thank Heidi (our captain) and everyone involved with the TOS Crew for choosing me.

My participation in the TOS Crew means far more than being able to place a badge on my blog. I see this as an opportunity to serve the people who hold an extra-special place in my heart... homeschooling families. There is no pay for this work. I will be allowed to keep the products I review which is a huge blessing; however, I will not receive commissions from any of the vendors or a paycheck from TOS. My heart's desire is to see homeschooling families flourish, and helping families find the products they need will be a reward in and of itself.

You can read my first TOS Crew review here.

The four other new badges are not related to my participation in the TOS Crew. These are companies for which I have become an affiliate. First is If you plan to make a purchase from them, search for your item from the widget in my sidebar. You will be redirected to, and I will receive a commission on any purchase you make. Any money I earn from this affiliation will be used to purchase our school books.

I am also an affiliate for All About Spelling (AAS) and SpellQuizzer. These are two wonderful products, and I am happy to be their affiliate because they have done so much for us. I am currently using AAS with my son who is a reluctant speller. It is a fabulous, multi-sensory program and has worked wonders for him. SpellQuizzer has also been highly effective with my son. It has complimented AAS, and I think the combination of the two has been just what he needed. You can read my review of SpellQuizzer here. If you purchase either product, I will receive a commission that will be used to fund our homeschool.

Finally, I am Vision Forum affiliate. Their mission is to "communicate a vision of victory to Christian families". You will be challenged by their teaching. I have been and continue to be. If you appreciate Vision Forum as much as I do, consider purchasing through my link. If I have just introduced you to them, let me encourage you to buy one item from them. I will appreciate the commission but will consider it a greater blessing to see this ministry grow.

Thank you for taking the time to visit Olive Plants and read my thoughts. I pray that my blog is a blessing to you. I pray that my service on the TOS Crew will be a blessing to many. I pray also that each of you will be blessed through my affiliations with these great businesses and ministries.

Blessings to you all!


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argsmommy said...

The TOS Crew will be blessed to have you on their team. And I look forward to reading more of your reviews.