Friday, September 18, 2009

Product Review: STUDYPOD

STUDYPOD is offering a $5 discount to Olive Plants readers. Continue reading for details!

What's compact, sturdy, versatile, and will keep your neck and back from aching?

This handy little book holder has so many uses… from propping up cookbooks in the kitchen to freeing your hands for typing copy from a printed source. Most importantly, it supports proper posture and holds books of varied sizes at just the right angle to take the strain off your neck while reading, studying, or typing.

Each of my boys used our STUDYPOD for their school reading assignments and liked it. Orville's comment was that he liked not having to hold his books open. He said that it kept it his hands from getting tired while forcing the pages apart and relieved his arms, too.

Wilbur just thought it was cool. I noticed that he was more on-task with it because he is a tactile boy who often "fidgets" while reading. He frequently loses his place while reading because he puts the book down to pick up Legos; whereas, with STUDYPOD, the book was held for him and his hands were free to fidget to his heart's desire. I'm sure moms of tactile learners can relate!

I used our STUDYPOD most frequently in the kitchen. I loved that it held any recipe book. You know how varied in size those are, and the STUDYPOD held them all. I didn't get any messes or splatters on my books either and was able to easily read the instructions while completing my work. Similarly, I was able to use it in the classroom to display read-aloud books so the boys could see the pictures while I read to them.

I also like that the STUDYPOD positioned Orville's books in a way that he had no choice but to "use" his glasses properly when reading. He wears progressive bifocals and is constantly trying to peak over his glasses when reading. The angle at which the STUDYPOD positioned his book prevented him from "cheating" while reading.

The STUDYPOD is easy to use, light-weight, compact, and has a storage pocket inside… all great features that make it portable and great for organization. They are available in three colors- black, blue, or pink.

You can purchase a STUDYPOD at their website for $19.95 and if you enter the code: TOSBLOG5 upon checkout, you will receive a $5 discount!

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