Monday, October 5, 2009

A 10th Birthday Bash

Orville's tenth birthday is tomorrow, but we celebrated with friends and family last Friday. We had planned an outdoor party at a local park, but the weather was questionable, prompting us to move the party to our church.

I made a cake (six cakes actually) to look like Big Ben. I guess the secret has been revealed. Orville's real name is indeed Ben. I drew a clock on the white frosting and set it for 10 o'clock. Ten candles were placed along the spire.

I placed this photo album on the gift table (which was filled and looked much nicer a few minutes after the picture was taken... silly me, I forgot to take a picture of it while it was covered in presents!). Inside the album were pictures of Ben from his ultrasound to his most recent school picture. On the cover, I hot glued a picture of him as a baby beside a recent picture of him. The caption says, "Ten Years with Ben".

As the guests arrived, I handed them a printed test. Only a teacher and his teacher wife would give a test at their son's birthday party. This test was comprised of ten questions all about Orville. His friends circled the answers they thought were correct to questions like "What is Orville's favorite color?" When everyone was finished, Orville and I revealed the correct answers. Everyone laughed at the silly answers we included on the test and cheered when they were correct.

After he and his friends demolished Big Ben, Orville opened his many presents. His sweet friends gave him candy, money, Audubon plush toys, Webkinz, board games, and Legos.

One of his youngest friends drew this picture for him. How precious!

One of the sweetest girls I have ever known crafted this easel for him. I love the gifts of little children... so simple, yet so full of love.

After a birthday dinner at Orville's favorite restaurant, we went to Papaw's and Nohnie's house for another party. Michael and I gave him this set of Play-Doh, convincing him that it was his BIG gift! Hee hee....

Wilbur gave him a Star Wars figure.

Papaw and Nohnie convinced him that this gift card was their BIG gift for him.

He also opened gifts from family and friends who live out-of-state, including a very generous gift from his paternal grandparents.

Nohnie had a lovely table set for him.

Nohnie baked a red velvet cake, per his request. Yes, we had more cake. Isn't that what birthdays are for, after all?
After we were sufficiently stuffed, we walked with him to my parents' office where we had his real BIG gift hidden...

A Piano Keyboard!
from Dad, Mom, Papaw, and Nohnie
Orville was thrilled to have a "piano" of his own to bring home.

Visit Olive Plants tomorrow as we will celebrate the actual big day with the
Top Ten Orville Moments.


Molly said...

His littlest friend was proud to see his picture on the internet :-) so thanks for posting it. He said he was going to do the same thing again next year.

argsmommy said...

What a fun party filled with creative ideas! I love the cake. I'm glad he had a happy birthday.