Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Closing Out the 2010-2011 School Year

At the Olive Plants Academy, we are just a few weeks from the end of the 2010-2011 school year!

Before school began, I created a page on which I listed our plans for the year.  I just updated the page so you can read an overview of our year and how our curricular plans panned out.

Click here to be redirected to the updated Our Academy page and read all about it.

I will reveal our plans for 2011-2012 very soon!

Happy Planning!


Kellie said...

I loved reading about how everything went this year and can't wait to hear what you have planned for next year.

Anna is finishing up with the General Science book at school and she has loved it -- even says she wants to be a science teacher some day. Since she was pretty much an independent learner this year, I know very little about the book. I had planned on keeping it for Ryne and Grace, but now you have me nervous. We'll have to chat in more detail about that someday. : )

Heather said...

make sure to "reveal" your summer plans too!

Heather said...

Well, I wanted to leave a comment on your page, so I came back over here. I love this idea, and you are not the only Apologia naysayer on the planet, maybe in GA?!

Homeschool Dawn said...

I would be happy to chat with you about science someday. :)

Thanks! I will reveal the summer plans, too!