Monday, April 25, 2011

Eye, eye, eye...

So I had an interesting Easter weekend.

My dining room has been a disaster area ever since the science fair.  The table is our work space for projects and soap making, and the boys have had a lot of projects to complete in the last month or so.  We've been eating in the office which actually suits us all just fine.  There are two rockers and t.v. trays and two computer desks.  It's actually a comfortable set up and makes for a nice place to eat and chat.

I decided on Saturday, however, that it was time for me to reclaim the dining room.  Project season is over, and well, the dining table needed to be restored to its original purpose.  Wilbur signed on as my helper, and we decided to tackle the soap supplies while we were at it, too.  I have two wire racks in the dining area dedicated to my soaping supplies, and it was, ahem, in need of a little attention.

It didn't take long to restore order, and we got all of the soapy gadgets neatly arranged in baskets.  I even alphabetized my fragrances!  It looked so wonderful that I felt inspired and decided to whip up a batch of cold process soap.  I had given bars from my last batch to the ladies on the science fair committee as thank you gifts, and they liked it so much that they bought more for themselves and to give to others.  I was sold-out and needed to restock!

Now, I am a safety-minded person.  You already know I am not a risk-taker because I am accident-prone.  I put on my rubber gloves and goggles and carefully began the process. 

Measured the lye.  No problem.

Mixed the lye and water together.  No problem.

Melted the oils.  No problem.

Poured the lye solution into the oils.  No problemo!

I had the batch almost completely done and was ready to pour it into the mold when I noticed a little glob of colorant.  Being the perfectionist that I am, I had to smooth it out.  I put the stick blender into the "batter" and switched it on. 

I missed one little detail, though.

I had taken my goggles off.


I don't know.

I leaned over the pot to get a good look at that clump and... guessed it.

A blob of soap jumped out of the pot and landed squarely in my eye.

I bolted to the sink and started dousing my eye with water.  Wilbur ran outside to get Dad who immediately called poison control.  They told me to continue to flush the affected area with water for thirty minutes and then go to the ER. 

Once at the ER, my eye was numbed and they put this plastic contraption under my eyelid.  It was like the biggest contact lens in the world through which saline solution passed and washed my eye (and my hair and neck and shirt and was cold!). 

People, I have a thing about my eyes.  I have never worn contacts because I just cannot stand the thought of putting something in my eye on purpose.  I struggle to use eye drops, too. I cringe any time a dropper comes near me, so every time someone came within two feet of me (and that was frequently), I jumped like a startled cat.  I think I may have karate chopped my doctor once.

Not really.  But I thought about it.

After testing my eye with litmus paper (there's something I never imagined in my wildest dreams would one day happen to me), the doctor determined that the lye was out.  He diagnosed a minor chemical burn and corneal abrasion and said that it would all heal on its own.  I will see an opthamologist today for a follow-up and continued treatment.

I'm feeling okay.  My vision is still affected (though there does not seem to be any permanent damage) so I apologize for any typos.  :)  Basically, it feels like a really bad case of pink eye...uncomfortable but not painful.  I appreciate your prayers as I recover and will keep you posted.

Oh, and pray for Michael, too.  He is the one who has to administer my eye drops. 



I am blessed! said...

You poor thing! I can relate because of my eye thing earlier this spring. The doctor actually had to touch tiny forceps to my eye to remove a little piece of plastic adhered to it. Yuck! I'm so grateful in my case it did the trick and I recovered quickly. I'll pray for a quick recovery for you, too!


Kellie said...

Oh, Dawn! I'm so sorry you had to go through all of that! Ryne once had a cornea abrasion and it was no fun. I'll be praying for you. (((hugs)))

Heather said...

well, litmus paper in the eye, sounds like an awesome science fair project to me:)

Homeschool Dawn said...

Thanks for the hugs and prayers everyone!

Heather, you got me! That's what this whole ordeal science plans for the month! I am a very dedicated homeschool mom!! :) lol