Friday, November 11, 2011

Hey Howdy Hey!

It's time for the Homeschool Blog Awards again.  Olive Plants has been nominated in the Best Variety Blog category!  I actually know the three people who nominated me and am happy to be included in the voting again this year.

If you would like to vote for Olive Plants, just click the above button, and you will be redirected to the correct web page. 

To be honest, I'm not really interested in winning.  (Previous experience has taught me that ain't gonna happen.)  However, my favorite part of these awards is how a nomination brings in new readers who often become new members of the OP community and friends of mine. 

I just wanted to take a minute to say hey and welcome to those of you visiting for the first time.  I really am glad you are here and hope you will take a minute to look around.  I have not had much time to blog in recent months because of irl circumstances (boy, are there a bunch of posts in the queue and the recesses of my mind!).  However, I have a lot of teaching ideas and homeschooling content that I posted before I went into semi-retirement.  (For regular readers who are wondering where I am and what has happened, I hope to post about it soon- if life will slow down just long enough for me type my heart out.  I do intend to return to the blogosphere one day soon, Lord willing.)

Thanks to those who nominated me and who will be sending votes my way!

Thanks also for visiting.  I hope to see you around often!

Happy Voting!


I am blessed! said...

Hi Dawn, Thank you for your kind words and the hsba nomination. I've really enjoyed getting to know you through your blog. You've encouraged me and even inpired me to try making soap. Carefully. I think we'll wait til next year when my son is in 8th grade to complete the EIL first year. What's funny, is I had recently been having doubts about our curriculum choice and was wondering if we should have gone with Omnibus. You helped put my fears to rest.

Oh- and I voted for you for best nature/field trip blog. You do such a great job of turning fun outings into learning opportunities. I liked your summer school series.

Take care and I look forward to your full-time return to blogging : ).


Homeschool Dawn said...

Thanks, Celee. Was I nominated in that category? I didn't notice. I've voted (for someone else) and can't see the list any more.

Kellie said...

I'm trying to vote for you, but I keep having glitches with my computer and their site. It keeps telling me thank you for voting when I haven't voted yet. It was doing that for other categories but then working, so we'll see if it changes. Otherwise, I'll try using the kids' computer. : )

You will always be one of my favorite bloggers, and I'm grateful for finding you through the blog awards however many years ago that was. : )

Homeschool Dawn said...

Aw, thank you, Kellie! Ditto!

I read a comment over at HSBA that other bloggers are having the same problem. Don't put too much work into it since I know I WON'T win. :) I appreciate your trying to vote for me, though. I voted for you!