Saturday, December 10, 2011

Need a Gift Idea?

Support Bible Translation - Become a OneVerse Partner Today

I just found oneverse through the Duggars' blog and wanted to share with my readers.  Right now, a $26 dollar donation will fund the translation of one verse of Scripture into the language of an unreached people group.  For each $26 donation, you will receive a Christmas card with information about the translated verse and the region of the world you select.  You may then gift this card and translation work to someone on your Christmas list.

I think this would make a particularly great gift for our pastors or other church leaders...thank them for their faithfulness to the Word of God by helping to distribute Bibles translated into the native languages of others around the world.

Click the icon above to be redirected to give the gift of God's Word.

Disclosure:  I have not been compensated for publishing this post.  If you click through and donate to oneverse, I will not receive a commission.

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