Friday, December 16, 2011

What are you baking for Christmas?

I plan to have a Christmas baking day next week.  Here is what I plan to make...

Christmas Petit Fours from Molly at Mentoring Moments for Christian Women:  When I saw this recipe, I knew instantly I had to make a batch.  Those of you who read regularly may recall that I studied French in school for a variety of, ahem, weird unorthodox reasons.  Petit Fours would be one of those reasons.  The boys will get these as a special pre-Christmas treat.  After I let them grab a few each, I will quickly take the remainder to neighbors so I will not eat them all! :)

Molly recently posted another great recipe at MMCW, German Apple Strudel.  I won't be baking this one this year.  However, Molly has brought this to our church's fellowship meal, and I have tasted the results.  YUMMO!  I hope Molly brings some to church again.



Alright, IRLs, it's time to look away!

And NO peeking!


Snickers Surprise Cookies, found at Taste of Home:  I am making these to give to friends.'s a surprise.  That's why I told them to look away!  They better not be peeking.  :)

Okay, IRLs, you may join us again. 

Although I seriously doubt they ever looked away.

Cheaters! ;)

Red Velvet Trifle from the Food Network:  This one has toasted coconut in it!  My boys are salivating at the thought of it. We will enjoy this after our Christmas Eve meal...if I can keep my children from eating all the coconut first!

So, now it's your turn.  What do you plan to bake for Christmas, New Year's, or just because?  I'm not going to meme this, so please comment and feel free to copy and paste URLs in there that will take us to related posts at your blog or recipes at reputable sites.  Thanks and Merry Christmas!

Happy Baking!

Thank you to Molly and MMCW for granting me permission to post their petit four picture!

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Kellie said...

Mmmm. . . it all sounds wonderful!

I have a whole counter in my kitchen that looks like the baking section of the grocery store. No lack of sugar in this household! We'll be making 2 birthday cakes, Christmas popcorn for Sunday School kids, chocolate granola for teachers/coaches, and a whole mess of cookies and fudge. Our favorite are cherry chocolate kisses (you can google that), but we make two batches: one with red cherries and the other with green cherries.

I better get to work! : )