Friday, December 9, 2011

Merry Christmas (and a bit of family history)

Seasonal Stripes Christmas
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Twenty years ago, Michael and I met in Memphis, Tennessee,
not far from Overton Park- pictured in our Christmas card above.
Because this spot was one of our favorite hang-outs,
I dressed the boys up and took them there
for a photo day with Mommy in November 2001.
At the time, Orville was 2 and Wilbur was 1.
Last month (exactly 10 years after I took the original pictures),
we were blessed with a whirlwind trip to Memphis.
We spent one day driving around town,
showing the boys all the spots important to our family history.
I made sure to take the boys back to the gazebo
for updated pictures so we can share
a little of our family history with you.

Merry Christmas!


Kellie said...

What a great idea for a card! And how special for you to share these special places with your boys. So sweet!

Laura at By the Bushel said...

This is the BEST idea!! We've moved and I know some of our friends would love to see old & new of the boys! I too have 2 boys and oooohhh. Thanks for posting this. love shutterfly. :) Hoping your season is full of beauty & joy! Laura