Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Favorite Pictures from Jekyll

Last month, we visited the Georgia coast.  Which part you ask?  Well, all of it!

We started south and birded the best spots (as listed in Giff Beaton's Birding Georgia) between Jekyll Island and Savannah.  We returned home with lots of sand in our shoes, major sunburns, hundreds of amazing memories, a feeling of refreshment, and well over 600 pictures.

I do not think anyone will stick around for a 600 picture slide show, so I won't share all of them.  I had planned just to share my favorites in one post until I started the process of loading all those photos.

Ahem, I have quite a few favorites! ;)

I decided it would be best to break this into a few posts by locations we visited.  It will be like a mini-version of our vacation.  We will start the tour at Jekyll Island, one of the most beautiful places on the planet!

Enjoy!  I sure did.  :)

Walking to the beach as the sun was rising
The boys and I search for birds.

Great Blue Heron

Snowy Egrets

We visited the Jekyll Island Banding Station. 
One of the volunteers had met us 2 or 3 years ealier when she was birding on our side of the state. 
She recognized us and took us on a net run.  Here, she has just released a Grey Catbird from the nets
and is taking it to be banded and released.

A new life-lister for us: Sanderlings!
Great Egret
We're not just about the birds!
We saw lots of wildlife, including several types of dragonflies.
The bridge leading on to Jekyll is gorgeous!
Getting Creative
Return soon for pictures from a causeway in the Brunswick area, where we added a much-sought-after bird to our list.  We will also visit St. Simons Island.
Happy birding!



Kellie said...

Hello, stranger! ; ) We've been quite the blogging pair lately, huh? But at least it looks like you've been enjoying your break with a wonderful vacation. I love your pictures! I hope your trip left you relaxed and refreshed.

I've been meaning to email you for weeks -- we have some travel plans of our own that involve us driving through Atlanta. I'll be in touch soon! : )

Homeschool Dawn said...

Oh yay, Kellie! I looking forward to hearing from you.

So not a good blogger right now... busy, busy, busy. The vacation was wonderful! I want to go back. ;)

Homeschool Dawn said...

Just notice the time stamp on that last one and you'll forgive my poor writing. I'm tired and don't have my glasses on. :)