Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Golden Bird and St. Simon's

Our next stop after Jekyll was a causeway in the Brunswick, GA area.  It was not the prettiest spot, and we had to bird watch from a gravel road that was a good distance from the water. For those reasons, all of my pictures from this spot are grey and fuzzy, so I won't share many. 
However, I have to share one because...
Here is our golden bird!
The American Avocet!
The boys have been wanting
 to spot one of these
since 2009.
(my apologies for the pic quality)

Then we made our way to St. Simon's Island.  It was a very blustery day!  In fact, the boys wondered if a hurricane was coming.  No hurricanes, fortunately, but the winds were so strong that we had difficulty keeping our binoculars and the camera steady.

Despite the weather, there were many birds to see!
Such a beautiful place!
More egrets :)
We took a little time to visit Bloody Marsh,
(homeschoolers are always up for a history lesson)
where the Scotish Highlanders defeated the Spanish,
forcing them from the Georgia colony.
We also birded the causeway to St. Simon's
where we spotted many birds.
This was a new one for our lifelist:
Ruddy Turnstone.

Next time we'll travel a little farther up the coast to one of my favorite places in the state of Georgia: Harris Neck Wildlife Refuge.

Happy birding!

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Kellie said...

Oh, how fun to finally get to see your golden bird -- I'm sure it even more special since you had to wait so long.