Saturday, November 16, 2013


After a rather difficult month or two of starting and then stopping and then starting chemo, I was rather blessed to get an inner-ear infection.

Yes, you read that correctly. BLESSED!

Because I developed infection, the immunosuppressive therapy (chemo) had to halt which allowed me to take the boys on a field trip to the Fernbank Museum of Natural History in Atlanta.

We were greeted in the Great Hall
by Tyrannosaurus Rex.
  photo 905bc519-8fc1-4596-85d7-37398946084f.jpg
Ben and Brian immediately found a good hiding spot!

 photo 48e232f8-e34c-467a-b8fb-6220300a5b08.jpg

Um, just keeping it real.

We do have two teenagers in the house now. ;-)

 photo fc22b84a-bb63-437a-b484-a7fd56c1d8c1.jpg

To be fair, though,
Brian is not the only one who can be silly.

 photo ddfbaed6-c04e-4dd3-918d-69be1143f294.jpg
Real cool, Brontosaurus Ben.
Reeeal Cool. ;-)

After fighting off the dinos,
the boys, Nohnie, and Papaw,
who graciously agreed to be our chauffer
since I am not able to drive long distances right now,
enjoyed an IMAX movie with images from the Hubble
while I enjoyed some chat time with a friend.

Then we ate a FAB lunch at the cafeteria.
During our lunch break, something VERY interesting happened.

Before you scroll down any farther,

You may find the next image a bit disturbing
as it may cause you to question
everything you have ever believed to be true.


Proceed with caution!!

 photo 063840ec-cb3f-4cbb-a5d4-132acd91b23d.jpg

It's scarier than the T-Rex, I know.





It defies all logic; however,
there you have it.

Three boys, not all of them related to each other,
sitting in public,
enjoying each others' company,
not practicing spelling words.

I hope it didn't cause any coronary episodes out there.

Okay, thank you for indulging my sarcastic side.
Now let's get back to the museum. :-)

 photo 34af26fd-0b53-457d-bc34-002786ca5887.jpg

After lunch, we made our way to the hands-on exhibit
and got all science-y.

Well, the boys and Papaw did.

I kept my distance, wore a germ mask
and bathed in hand sanitizer.

 photo 570ff7da-fee6-49b7-babd-0fa3eb20ef52.jpg

They enjoyed "playing around" with equipment
which taught them about optics,
sound waves, the weather, and more.

Brian enjoyed being the weatherman.
He's pointing to Atlanta while standing in front of the green screen.

 photo 518dcc6c-aae2-4709-9d41-8c9d9273f183.jpg

We found some more dinosaurs,
and even Papaw decided to get a little goofy.

You're welcome, Papaw.
You. are. welcome.

We also went through a wonderful exhibit on the wildlife of Georgia.
Of course, I was too busy identifying the birds on display
to take any pictures.

 photo cd5076d2-5e8b-4752-82aa-40c2edbe8f30.jpg

Then we made our way to the special exhibit on Marco Polo
where we followed his journey from Venice,
through the Middle East, and on to China.

Side Note: Do those of you who knew Michael when he was a teen agree that Ben looks
just like him at that age!? I see the young man I met 25 years ago in this particular pose.

 photo 96977d87-9ce6-4bd8-a405-741227b7b713.jpg

The editors in the family found a few, ahem, mistakes
along the way.

 photo c337780a-cb68-4ad7-aa3c-d17b00a6ec9c.jpg

Can you find the mistake, too?

 photo 35a920cc-6482-4c9f-b853-ed9feab70bc0.jpg

Okay, so now I'm totally worried that there are glaring errors in this post
and I'm a total hypocrite.

All in fun, fellow editors, all. in. fun.

 photo 6261ab92-82f5-48d1-9b97-7c5e230687fb.jpg

Then we found a way to work in Dr. Who
because, well, that stereotype about homeschoolers
just may be true.


 photo 18a23c7b-3569-41db-b978-77976ebf5f6d.jpg

Then everyone learned a valuable lesson about only making silly faces for the camera.

Mom will NOT be deterred from her blogging plans.

The face you offer the camera IS the one that will be published
for the whole world to see.

(Well, at least the 27 people who still read this blog.)

Be warned, teenagers.

Be warned. ;-)

 photo 45c960c0-557e-4564-8108-ce81d44aab3d.jpg

We did manage to get one nice shot with Nohnie before leaving.

 photo 42b98539-df22-4441-bc69-99951b625823.jpg

We also caught up with Ben's new BFF, Marco, who had made his way back home to Venice.


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Kellie said...

Fun times! Glad you got to go on the field trip.

I was totally cracking up about the typos, but I'm sure I'm the worst about missing obvious mistakes like that. Every time I read things I've written, I find mistakes.

Homeschoolers being social. What has the world come to? Shame on you. ;-)