Sunday, July 27, 2008

BSU Reunion!

Narly Dude! Far Out! AWESOME!!! Insert your favorite late '80's, early '90's euphemism here. Saturday night's banquet to honor Ron served double duty as a reunion for all of us MSU-BSUers.
I was thrilled to see one of my best friends, Tonya, pictured above, along with so many other of Michael's and my best buds from back in the day.
First, we looked through scrapbooks and other artifacts left out for our amusement. It was interesting looking at pictures of us in our 20's with a 30-something perspective. In my opinion now, we looked like kids. We sure didn't think we were kids then.
We enjoyed a special time of sharing memories with Ron. Some of us spoke in person, others via video recordings. Some of us, namely me, kept quiet because the moment was just too emotionally charged for speech giving. However, those who were brave enough to speak, reminded us of the great times we shared serving the Lord together at the BSU. We reminisced about Sonburst, Noondays, and those early morning council meetings. We also remembered our many antics, like someone, who will remain nameless, nearly setting fire to the BSU. It was great recalling all the missions trips, but most especially, the infamous SPOTS trip to Chicago. The Ron-DCTalk story got many laughs from everyone present. Thanks Michelle for the great way you shared that one for us. You're brave! LOL! We also passed photo albums and "oohed" and "aahed" at each other's children.
It was great to reconnect with so many of you. I enjoyed hearing how the Lord is at work in your lives, and loved seeing the pictures of your children. It felt like a family reunion and made me long for the ultimate family reunion when the dead in Christ shall rise. Won't that be a great day?!
I was too busy talking to take many pictures, but here's what I got. Hope you enjoy.

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Amy said...

I love the pictures!! We had SUCH a great time, and loved seeing you and Michael! So much fun seeing everyone! We're all a little (or a lot) older, but I felt like I stepped back in time when I walked through the doors. It was as if I had never left, but I have lived a lifetime since those days. Does that make any sense? Hope it won't be too long before the next one, and look forward to staying better connected. Love the blog, too! You are an excellent homeschool teacher/mom, and I admire the depths that you take to educate your boys in the ways of our Lord. Awesome! Love, Amy Wilkinson