Thursday, July 10, 2008

Providential Visitor

This is who showed up at our backdoor today. Normally, a reptilian visitor of any variety would not make me very happy. Today, however, I was ecstatic about this box turtle's visit.

We were in the classroom preparing for a field trip to the zoo. This year's science lessons begin with a look at how to classify animals using Linnaeus's taxonomy. We were discussing Kingdom, Phylum, Class, and so on. I also read to the boys from Genesis 1 and the Zoo Guide, an Answers in Genesis publication that explains how God created animals to reproduce within their created kind. This led to a discussion on Darwinian evolution verses the "fixity of species" that Linnaeus, a creationist, defended. I was hoping to take them to the zoo the next day and have them complete a scavenger hunt using this guide. Because the weather forecast called for rain, we decided the classroom activity would have to suffice.

The Lord had other plans though. After hearing part of the lesson, my husband went outside to do some chores before the rain came. When he opened the backdoor, our turtle friend was sitting on the stoop. We used to live in a rural area and saw turtles almost everyday. Now, however, we live downtown and in four years have never before seen a turtle in our yard, let alone on the back stoop. When we couldn't go on the field trip, the Lord brought the field trip to us. We were able to research and classify the turtle. Instead of being disappointed about the cancelled zoo visit, the boys were thrilled to have a new turtle friend.

It may seem silly, but this made me feel so loved and blessed by God. Though my plans were ruined, his will can never be deterred. I had a pretty good lesson plan in my book, but the day he had planned was so much better. As Proverbs 16:9 says, " A man's heart devises his ways, but Jehovah fixes his steps."

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