Saturday, July 5, 2008

Is It Time for School Already?!

Welcome to our Home School! As you can see, our "classroom" is not very large, but thankfully, a little creativity went a long way to turn this room into an inviting work space for the boys and me.
My space is in the middle. I have the three shelves for my teaching materials, the rolling cart for the overhead projector and related materials, and the filing cabinet with my laptop secured on top. I organize all my lesson plans using Microsoft Office One Note (best program available in my opinion). The green bulletin board serves as the Bible bulletin board. I have the memory verse for the week written on laminated strips, the Veritas Press card for the week, with others pinned beside it, and a mapping project that the boys will complete as we read Little Pilgrim's Progress by Helen L. Taylor. I also have two dry erase boards mounted, one for each boy so they can see easily and keep separate assignments, well... separate.

As you can tell, Bruster is really happy with his area. He has his own desk, with his supplies and books stored in the desk drawer and cubby. Behind him is the Social Studies bulletin board. I post the Veritas Press history cards here as well as their best work. To his left is his "wall of fame." I have framed awards he has won and pictures of some his best work or fondest school moments. Below that is an organizer bin filled with math manipulatives. Above the bulletin board, I have mounted all the Veritas Press cards that we have covered as a time line. I attach them to the wall with rubber cement. They do not fall, and the rubber cement does not damage the wall. Since Bruster is my scientist, I placed fish themed window clings on the window to his right.

Since BT is our historian, he has the honor of being seated at the window with the fifteen-star, fifteen-stripe flag as a curtain. This was the flag during the time period of US history that we will study this six weeks. His desk contains all of his supplies, and he also has a "wall of fame" to his left. Behind him is a closet filled with supplies and a large bookshelf which houses the books for the year as well as music, math, and science supplies. To use every inch of space as effectively as possible, I attached learning centers to the sides and backs of each desk. I also plan to do group work at the kitchen table where messes can be more easily contained/cleaned up.

Please peruse the rest of the pictures and leave me feedback as a comment. I am excited about using the room as it is arranged this year. It feels organized and comfortable, and I believe it is an improvement over last year.

Teacher Center
Wall of Fame and History Timeline
Math Bins and Social Studies Board
Fishy Window and Bible Timeline
Bible Board and Shelving

Thematic Decor and Learning Centers


Angela said...

What a fun room! I bet they love learning in there!

Sharon (sk) said...

Wow... you have so much great material to pull and teach from. I love it! It looks like so much fun. :)