Friday, September 26, 2008

Mathletes Week 2

Last week one team member started a chart like this one:

A- 34, 29, 24

B- 33, 28

C- 32, 27

D- 31, 26

E- 30, 25

He noticed that each person's counting decreased by 5 so he decided only to complete Amy's row.

A- 34, 29, 24, 19, 14, 9, 4

Then he counted backwards. If Amy said 4, then B said 3, C- 2, and D- 1. Diego was the correct answer.

He used a chart, skip counting, and counting backwards to find the answer.

Hint for this week:

Draw a picture of the 15 houses on Mr. Sullivan's street. Use pencil to write in the house numbers. Consider the first few houses on a street, then the house Mr. Sullivan might live in, and then the first few houses that come after that. Use trial and error to find the answer. If you do this and it works for you, when you report, tell me you used the trial and error method. If you find a different method, explain it to me. I may post your idea next week.

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