Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Super Nohnie

Super Nohnie is a story about my mother, pictured to the left with BT. BT's grandma name for her is "Nohnie." She contracted polio when she was seven and is paralyzed in her left leg. She has worn a number of prosthetic devices throughout her life. In recent years, the degenerative condition caused by the effects of paralysis and neuropathy, post polio, has weakened her, and she uses a mobility chair.

In real life, Nohnie has many physical limitations, but in BT's mind she is a super hero who uses her prosthetics for the good of mankind. His love for her is obvious in his original comic book. Each word was written with the intent of honoring his very grand, grandmother.

Video of the story is posted in "Our YouTube" in the sidebar.

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