Saturday, November 22, 2008

My Concession

Over the past two weeks, there was Never a Dull Moment from Inside My Homeschool House. The Homeschool Blog Awards turned our life into an Unschooling Adventure. My Thr33 Sons and I watched as my blog went from second to first!

To second. :-(

To first! :-)

Then down and then UP! And then down again, only to land in 4th.

There were many Ramblings from the Crazy House, and though my Kids Love Learning, Momma couldn't be Bug(ged) as she watched her Blog. Maybe it was Onlyme, but I considered enrolling my children in BE Academy ,or maybe CMS Academy, so I could keep track of my status in the competition.

Our Homeschool Creations suffered these two weeks, and we did not live up to the standards of Homemade Homeschoolers. My heart sank as I watched the winner travel 10 Million Miles to the top of the list. Not wanting to admit defeat, I considered hiring Mommy Lawyer to appeal the outcome.

However, after Seeking His Face… in Everything, I have decided to walk The Narrow Path. So as this new day of Home School(ing) Dawn(s), I offer my congratulations to the winner. May you enjoy a Lifetime (of) Books and Gifts.

Congratulations to all the Best New Homeschool Blog Award nominees and our winner, Never a Dull Moment!


about me said...

What a nice post - very creative. I too thought the awards was a really nice way to get to know a lot of other blogs. I will be checking in on yours from now on :) yic, Mette, from Helsingør, Denmark

Anonymous said...

Wow! This was so neat! I didn't even know that my little humble ole' blog was even nominated. Thank you for making me feel special!


Dee in sunny FL!

Jolanthe @ No Ordinary Moments said...

That's great Dawn - and I'm sure adding in all those linkies was GREAT fun!! :) ha ha!!

Love the post!


Christy@MercyEveryMorning said...

Just when I think you can't get any more clever....what a great post! You amaze me! Maybe you'll win next year. :)

~Angela (mommylawyer) said...

How cleaver! And thanks so much. It was fun - even watching my blog go from first to fifth (I think).

argsmommy said...

Cute post! I loved finding so many new blogs to read through the awards. So many tough decisions, but I did vote for you. : )


Trisch said...

Thanks for e-mailing me your link! I tried to check out all the "competitors", but as there is truly "Never a Dull Moment" at my house (especially when the Seven Sisters get on here!), I didn't get to all of them! I'm adding you to my favorites and hope to check in on you and see more creativity! (No pressure though! LOL!)

This was truly fun! Blessings to you!


Momma Bug said...

Very fun!

Thank you:-)

Also, I love your cute blog! Can't wait to come back again.

Momma Bug

Laura said...

You're good, Dawn. This was a super-cute idea; thanks for the fun! It was a crazy roller-coaster competition: that is FOR. SURE. I knew homeschooling would be fun - but I didn't expect it to be THIS fun. ;)
Blessings to you and yours!!