Saturday, August 1, 2009

Meeting the Navigator of the Enola Gay

Today we had the privilege of meeting Major Theodore "Dutch" Van Kirk, the navigator of the infamous Enola Gay. He traveled to our hometown and spoke about his experiences as a member of the crew that dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima. It was an honor to hear his first-hand account of that historic day and some of the events that led to it.

Afterward, we enjoyed a fly-over of a restored WWII navy aircraft and met Major Van Kirk. He autographed a picture of the Enola Gay for Orville and Wilbur and graciously posed for a photograph with them. I know today is a day that we will all remember and the boys will gain a greater and greater appreciation for as they mature and learn more about our nation's history.

Watching a WWII Aircraft in Action

Wilbur, Orville (who was REALLY excited), and Major Theodore "Dutch" Van Kirk

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