Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Product Review: Math Tutor DVD


I received two DVDs from Math Tutor, Young Minds: Numbers and Counting and The Basic Math Word Problem Tutor. Let me tell you a little about each.


The Young Minds video is a montage of beautiful scenes set to classical music. It teaches counting by using pictures that represent each number, 1-10. There are bonus features that include puzzles and games.

What We Thought
Because the intended audience is preschoolers, this DVD was not age-appropriate for any member of our household. However, I thought it was beautifully done and enjoyed watching it. This is a DVD that I would have watched over and over again with my boys when they were little, particularly during those times that we needed a quiet, sit-down moment. I give Young Minds two thumbs up.


The Basic Math Word Problem Tutor is approximately 8 hours in length and covers 15 different "types" of word problems- addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, for example. Each session teaches students how to dissect the word problem. They are instructed to consider the question being asked and key words contained within. They are also given strategies for solving each type of problem.

What We Thought
Okay, you need to know that the Olive Plants family loves math. Solving word problems is something we would do for fun. So… unfortunately I cannot say that this DVD "worked for us". There were no a-ha moments.

However, the methods the tutor uses are excellent. He breaks everything down into manageable chunks and gives his students an effective way to approach each problem. If you and yours are not math geeks like us, this DVD could be very helpful. I give it two perpendicular bisectors and a piece of pi!

The Young Minds DVD sells for $24.99, and The Basic Math Word Problems Tutor sells for $26.99. You can purchase them here.

I received both DVDs mentioned in this review for free. I have received no other compensation and have provided my honest opinion.

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