Wednesday, February 24, 2010

So... what do you think?

I spent most of the morning waiting for a call from a car repair service.

A teeny dink in my windshield, which was patched about five years ago, turned into a series of large cracks last week. I had an appointment to take it to the "shop" for replacement this morning and was supposed to go when called by the repairman.

The call was scheduled to come "sometime between 9 and noon", so I decided to have the boys do some independent work while I waited for "the call". I cancelled any direct instruction or group work for the day, thinking I wouldn't get much accomplished knowing that a call could come at any time.

While I waited, I worked on the blog. I changed the layout and color scheme, as I am sure you have noticed, and added a picture I purchased from I am planning to move to wordpress this summer and am thinking about what I will want the new Olive Plants to look like.

So... what do you think of the new look? Please feel free to give me feedback.


p.s. I also started a new blog, not the new and improved Olive Plants but a totally new blog, on wordpress this morning. I hope to launch it soon. I have a very interesting purpose for this new blog. Anybody curious? Any guesses?

p.p.s. The repairman called at noon. The new windshield arrived with a crack in it. Lord willing, it will be repaired tomorrow. So I guess I will have another morning to work on the new blog.


Christy said...

I like it. And about the new

Christy said...
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Heather said...

Wow, real live olive plants. And I was just going to re-read what you wrote about blogging on FB yesterday. AGGG!

argsmommy said...

It's a pretty picture, and since green is my favorite color I love the background. I'm starting to think that soon I'll be the only one left at blogger -- everyone seems to be moving to wordpress. I'd love to hear why you're making the move. And I'm very excited to see what you have planned for the second blog. I can think of a few different topics for which you would be a great source.

Laura at By the Bushel said...

Dawn, the blog is beautiful.
reading your 'profile/who am I' is also. Sometimes I am torn as to what we should do pursuing the number of olives, and our objectives. Thanks for sharing your testimony of God's love, and your willingness to thrive in the circumstances God has provided.
I needed to see this tonight.
don't you love blog-land....
be blessed, I'll be looking for 'the new blog'. :)