Friday, February 26, 2010

Birds of a feather...

Go birding together!

You only need to read a few of my posts to know that I am a bird watching nut bird enthusiast.

Recently, friends of mine, both bloggy and irl, have caught the bird watching bug. One of those friends is Kellie @ Blue House Academy. BHA was one of my favorite blogs before Kellie caught the bug, but now, she has the most beautiful photographs of our feathered friends on display.

Her most recent post, A little bird told me..., is filled with great ideas and resources for teaching your young bird watchers. If you are wanting a good unit study on birds or nature, I encourage you to check out the ideas and resources she has suggested.

Also check out my Birding 101 series. I have links to each article in the series in my sidebar. Lord willing, I will be adding to the series soon since my pain has subsided and we are getting some nice sunny days here in Georgia, perfect for filming a tutorial or two.

Happy birding!

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argsmommy said...

Oh, Dawn, you're so sweet. : )

I'm so glad you're feeling better, and I'm looking forward to more of your Birding 101 posts.