Monday, July 11, 2011

Simon Says Verbs

A favorite little game of ours is Simon Says Verbs.  I use it to teach my children and English students how to recognize an action verb.

The teacher plays the part of Simon and tells the students to...

or SLEEP, shhhh....
How long you wait before giving the next verb
after this one is entirely up to you!
As you play, mix in words from other parts of speech, like nouns, adjectives, and prepositions (it is advisable to avoid linking verbs like am, is and are).  Tell them, "Simon says to beautiful" or up or apple

Invariably, when you say apple, some too-smart-for-his-own-good person will do this...

Politely remind Mr. Smarty that he is eating and not "appling".  Then give him the stink eye. 

That should take care of it.

As you work your way through the list of words, have them yell "ACTION VERB" if they are able to do what Simon has commanded or "something else" if they cannot do it.  Alternately, they can cheer and sing the Schoolhouse Rock classic That's What's Happenin' for the verbs or boo and hiss at the impostors.

Adding culture and class to your school're welcome.

As you progress through the game, write each true action verb on an index card and tape it to a wall or pin it to a bulletin board.  For a few days after your game, have your children remain on the look-out for action verbs.  If they recognize one in everyday conversation, let them write it on an index card and add it to the verb wall.

Simon says...
Happy Learning!


Kellie said...

What a fun game! Definitely trying this when school starts back up.

Kelvin Holt said...

I was thinking about using a Simon Says game to teach actions verbs and decided to Google the activity first, that's how I hit on your page. Thanks for sharing and for confirming that this will be a good approach.