Saturday, July 2, 2011

Strange Things are Afoot at Blogger

I was surprised to open my inbox this morning and find an email from Olive Plants.  It was a post I published way back in February.

I did not pull it from the archives yesterday.  I did not set it to republish.  I didn't even look at it.

If you received it too, please accept my apologies.  I don't have a ghost blogger, so I'm not sure what's up.

I've had a lot of blogging trouble in recent months and am now concerned that someone has hacked into my account and may be having some fun at my expense. 

If you receive anything unusual in your inbox from Homeschool Dawn, Olive Plants, or Birders for Life, see anything unusual on this blog or Birders, or receive a blog comment from me (Homeschool Dawn) that seems not-like-me, please contact me about it.  homeschooldawn (at) gmail (dot) com.

What I really did publish (over at Birders for Life) yesterday was my Tweet and See list (which incidentally has not emailed out to subscribers).  We had a great birding month and took lots of pictures.  If you like birds, it's worth the click

Once there, you can subscribe to B4L so you can (hopefully) receive all my bird lists, pictures, and bird-watching tips.  I've published about half of a series on teaching children how to bird watch.  My fellow Birding Chick, Heather, has also published some great tips for attracting birds to your yard.

One of the many birds we saw last month: the Killdeer!

If you have any ideas on why my blog is publishing for me, please comment.  Otherwise, I'm off to change my security settings!

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